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Diabetes outpatient clinic

The doctors’ consulting hours at the diabetes clinic are meant for the care and monitoring of those patients with diabetes who have moved from inpatient to outpatient care. The doctors can also be consulted by those patients with diabetes whose care has not been arranged elsewhere. The nurses working at the diabetes clinic give care guidance and advice to all diabetics under 66 years of age regardless of the diabetes type or form of care.

Measuring blood suger.
Diabetes outpatient clinic
Tel. 040 639 7060, Monday to Friday 8 - 12
Kanta-Sarvis 2
33900 Tampere
opening hours Monday to Thursday 8 - 15, Friday 8 - 14

Booking appointments and inquiries

Tel. 040 639 7060, Monday to Thursday 9 - 14 and Friday 8 - 12
Booking an appointment is absolutely necessary for a new client and in cases when the last visit has taken place over one year ago.

The necessary medical supplies for diabetics is provided by the Distribution Point for Medical Supplies .

Client fees

When a patient goes to consult a doctor, he or she is charged a health centre fee, which is 20,60 euros for each of the first three appointments in one year. A consultation with a nurse is free of charge.