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Digitalization Program


The Digitalization Program is driving towards making everyday life easier in Tampere. The Program searches for new, handy and accessible digital services. The goal is to be able to offer all Tampere’s services as primary digital by 2025.

The Digitalization Program tests new digital services in almost all City services. You can see what is going on and give your own idea via e-mail to our project managers about new digital services that are needed in Tampere.


City premises to 24/7 use

The City of Tampere owns a lot of spaces which are not used after working hours. This project aims to open up these spaces for citizens, so that they can easily rent and use spaces for recreation, working or arranging events.

At the moment professionals in the Digitalization program are building an internet reservation system and testing mobile phone door keys. The goal is to make reserving, paying and accessing spaces totally digital. The reservation system called Varaamo will be launched during 2018.

City premises to 24/7 use
Project Manager Juha Suvanto Tel. +358408687272

Bus transportation in Tampere is developing

Tampere is renewing ticket, information and busroute planning systems. What are the benefits passengers can look forward to?

  • By 2020 in Tampere you can pay bus fees with a mobile phone.
  • Live information will become even more accurate. We have 20 arrival boards in the City Centre and numerous screens in hospitals, libraries and shopping centers that let customers know when their next bus is due. Customers can also view in real-time on the Internet, where busses are going and when they are estimated to arrive. Passengers can also check when the next bus is due before leaving the house. By the end of 2019 live information will be more accurate even during states of emergency.
  • Buses will be more punctual because they are prioritized at traffic signals.
Digital acquisitions in public transportation
Project Manager Jukka Puranen Tel. +358505411312


Communication with day care and schools made easy, digital learning environments delivered

During 2018 day care and preschool education will start to use the same Helmi-system as basic education. Through the Helmi-system parents can communicate with all of their children’s teachers both in day care and basic education. Parents can also fill in pedagogical forms through the Helmi-system, so that all of the documents concerning their children’s learning can be found in the same place. The Helmi-system can be used in the mobile app, Helmi Mukana, too.

To enhance customer communication, Tampere is also experimenting video-based intepretation service for acute intepretation needs.

Day care centres and health centres to test remote video interpretation via smartphones 9.8.2018

Digital learning environments in day care and preschool education are created through small pedagogical trials. Teachers and children try out for example digital storytelling, coding and utilizing digital devices in learning and rehabilitation.

Tampere starts also to pilot robots in practising maths as well as English and German in preschools and in the first and second grades.

Talking robots to be piloted in preschools and firs years of primary education 19.3.2018

Flexible ways to study in vocational college and high school

Vocational college Tredu and high schools in Tampere are searching for new ways to utilize digital learning environments to make studying more flexible. In addition life streams and other ways to improve distance learning are being examined.

Digital communication and learning environments in day care
Project Manager Heli Ketola Tel. 040 749 2072

Digital learning environments in vocational college and high school
Project Manager Ville Palkinen Tel. 040 1975 821


Improving digital health services

We have created new ways and channels to serve our customers.

  • Because of new chat services customers don’t have to call to health centers in order to get advice.
  • Patients in need of speech therapy can have an appointment with a therapist through a video call. Clients save time when they don’t have to travel to the clinic.
  • Customers can now book an appointment to a physical education instructor online.
  • Remote video interpretation via smartphones is tested in health centres and day care for acute interpretation needs.

More info:

Student health care chat Health services information chat for the residents in Tampere

Digital health services
Project Manager Sanna Ahonen Tel. 040 5141809


New channels of customer service

Digital Customer service project tests new digital tools and ways to help the residents of Tampere. The goal is to give better customer service by creating new digital service channels which are available to everyone 24/7 no matter where they are.

Customer service experiments are based on citizen's requests. During and after the experiments customers are asked for feedback. With help of the feedback, Tampere determines if the City should use the tested tools on a wider scale.

At the moment the project is searching how customers interact with a robot. The study is made together with the External linkTampere University of Technology
Read more about the study: Robot at work at the Frenckell Service Point Press release 5.6.2018

Thus far the project has tried out for example using a chatbot which answered frequently asked questions about maintenance and town planning. The project also tried out a digital tool to ask for feedback from students in schools and kindergartens anda videochat service in Migration centre Mainio Press release 20.11.2017

Digital customer service
Project Manager Outi Lehtinen Tel. 050 538 2267

Digital experiments in employment services

The City of Tampere is taking part of local employment experiment which means that Tampere, instead of the Employment and Economic Development Office, is responsible for employment services for jobseekers entitled to KELA’s unemployment benefits. The Digitalization program is looking for new digital services to help our customers to find a new job.

At the moment employment services are testing an artificial intelligence based chatbot which interviews job seekers in order to survey their skills. The chatbot gathers information that helps career coaches to recommend open positions that jobseekers could apply to.


Employment services is also piloting WordDive-app. The app is designed for independent language learning, and the Smart Tampere programme will provide it to 150 immigrants who use the city’s employment services. Tampere offers an application to support Finnis learners Press release 2.5.2018

Digital employment services
Project Manager Janne Taiponen

Project Manager Minna Vierula Tel. 040 196 5173


Program Manager
Mia Vaelma Tel. 040 800 4634