Pyynikki nature trail

Pyynikki ridge is a significant geological formation and is considered to be the highest gravel ridge in the world. Pyynikki was designated as a nature reserve in 1993. Along the trail, you can get acquainted with the vegetation typical to this ridge and grove environment. The trail starts from the Pyynikki observation tower and is about 4 kilometres in length.

Please note that the checkpoints for the nature trail have partly disappeared and the trail markers have faded. There are also steep hills and steps in some places, so these should be taken into account when planning your trip. From the top of the observation tower, you can admire the view across the whole city and enjoy a break at the legendary doughnut café.

The best way to get to the trail is by foot, bicycle or car. By local bus you can get close to Näkötornintie, and climbing the hill there serves as an effective warm-up for the physically fit. There are also limited parking spaces for cars along Näkötornintie and close to the observation tower. Additional parking spaces can be found near Pyynikki Beach, for example.

Updated 20.3.2024