Outdoor advertising spaces

Abribus poster surfaces and media screens

The city of Tampere offers event organizers free advertising space on JCDecaux’s Abribus poster surfaces and on four media screens in Tampere. Reservations for Abribus surfaces can be made once a year in the beginning of October. Media screens are available for reservations year-round.

The advertising space itself is free, but all other expenses (designing, printing, shipping, etc.) need to be covered by the advertiser.


Jonna Nyholm
Information on abribus surfaces and media screens Markkinointiasiantuntija
040 674 3617

Street banners

Street banner spaces can be reserved from the city's property management unit by filling in the form linked below. The banners will be fixed and removed by Tampereen Vera Oy. Both the ad space and the work are subject to a fee. Filling the form does not guarantee an advertising space.

Information on the installation and pricing of banners (in Finnish) is linked at the bottom of this page. For information in English, please contact the Tampere Event Services team.

Event poster boards

There is a total of ten event poster boards around the centre of Tampere. The boards are available free of charge, and they are official poster boards provided by the City of Tampere. Attaching posters or other advertisements elsewhere is not permitted.

Updated 19.12.2023