Wilma – communication between the school and the home

Tampere preschool and basic education services make use of the Wilma system for purposes including

  • communication between guardians, pupils, and staff
  • monitoring pupil schedules, absences, and learning
  • if necessary, communications related to learning support for pupils
  • The Wilma system is also used to communicate various choices and applications: for example, the language choices of the student or applications for subject-emphasis curricula, morning and afternoon activities, or school transport

To ensure secure communications, the guardian must create their own Wilma user credentials. Guardians will identify themselves using the strong identification provided by the Suomi.fi service. The Suomi.fi service is the common identification service used by the public sector agencies to ensure reliable identification in online services.

Wilma for communication between the school and the home

When you possess Wilma user credentials, you can use your web browser to log in to Wilma here.

Instructions and additional information

Updated 2.10.2023