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Support for pupils and schoolwork

Each learner has the right to succeed at learning, and to develop and grow as a learner and a person while building from their own individual background. School work will consider many different kinds of learners and different foundations for learning. Pupils are encouraged to exhibit initiative and responsibility, challenged to develop, and provided with guidance and support that promotes their success. Particular attention is paid to the early identification of impediments to learning and learning difficulties.

It is the goal of school to provide pupils with adequate support to help them grow and learn as soon as the need for such support is identified. The early initiation of support serves to prevent the escalation of issues and provides security to learning and development.

The general guiding principle for organizing teaching is for it to primarily take place in a general educational setting at a school close to the pupil’s home. The close school principle means the pupil can go to the closest school; the school they are allocated to based on their address. The close school principle also means that, when organizing teaching for a pupil who needs support in their learning and development and/or is subject to a decision on specialized support, investigating the capability of the closest school to provide instruction for the pupil is always the first order of business.

Updated 22.6.2022