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Kuusela Daycare Centre


The daycare centre will be open from 1.8.2024 Mon-Fri 7-17.

Kuuselan Daycare Centre

The Kuusela daycare center is located in connection with the Kuusela Palvelutalo (Sointusenioripalvelut). The Kuusela daycare began its operations in the fall of 2014 in the premises of the Kuuselakeskus maintained by Pirkanmaa Senior Services.

Kuusela daycare center is the first daycare center in Tampere where children and the elderly meet and work daily in the same premises. Children and the elderly share, among other things, a dining area, as well as exercise, music and craft areas. The sense of community is realized naturally in the everyday life of the daycare center.

Nuolialantie 46 33900 Tampere
Daycare centre manager 040 5839954 (phone, local/mobile network fee)

Päivi Rautiola
Daycare centre manager
040 583 9954
Piritta Karppi
Early childhood education and care assistant manager
040 481 8587
Hanna Karanka
Teacher in charge of early childhood education


Meal services are provided by Sointu Senioripalvelut Oy.

tel. 050 566 2765
e-mail [email protected]

The menu is displayed in the daycare centre, not available online.

Updated 11.4.2024