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Pappila Daycare Centre

Pappila Daycare Centre

Pappila Day Nursery offers early childhood education for children aged 10 months to 6 years. Evening care is offered Mon-Sat from 5.30-22.30. The Pappila daycare centre has an integrated group.

The Pappila daycare centre is part of the Pappila - Ankkari complex.

The Pappila daycare centre offers early childhood education that takes into account the child as an individual. Children's ideas, experiences and interests enrich our everyday lives and guide the planning of our activities. In our operations, it is important to support inclusion, practice interaction skills and cooperate with families.

Takahuhdinkatu 77 33560 Tampere
Daycare centre manager 040 7643297 (phone, local/mobile network fee)

Marja-Leena Saloniemi
Daycare centre manager
040 824 4601
Essi Saarinen
Early childhood education and care assistant manager
Sanni Lehtonen
Special needs teacher for early childhood education
040 159 0879
Updated 4.12.2023