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Linnainmaa Daycare Centre

Linnainmaa Daycare Centre

We implement a wide range of pedagogical approaches and contents in accordance with the early childhood education plan, taking into account the needs and interests of the children. We work in larger teams, which means that the child gets to know more friends in the group and is cared for, guided and educated by more adults.

Within a larger group, children function, move and play in smaller groups. The reasons for the breakdown into small groups can be, for example: the child's age and development, the content of the subject to be learned, the child's needs for more personal guidance or the child's own interests.

Larger multidisciplinary teams also bring the skills and strengths of employees to the children's group in a more versatile way. We have our own gym, a magnificent and large playground around the kindergarten and a forest nearby to offer children a more versatile play and learning environment.

We also have open early childhood education with family club activities and club activities for children of different ages.

Welcome to Linnainmaa daycare centre!

Hannulankatu 8 33580 Tampere
Daycare centre manager 040 5821433 (phone, local/mobile network fee)

Tommi Järventausta
Daycare centre manager
040 582 1433
Tanja Saukkosaari
Early childhood education and care assistant manager
040 138 5609
Pirjo Ervelius
Early Childhood Special Education Teacher (ECSET)
040 806 3991
Updated 1.12.2023