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Preparatory instruction

All comprehensive-school-age children, i.e. 7-16 -year-olds, whose knowledge of the Finnish language is not adequate enough to participate in teaching in basic education are entitled to preparatory instruction.

Preparatory instruction acquaints the pupils with the Finnish school, its customs and teaching methods. The aim of preparatory instruction is to develop the pupil’s skills in Finnish as well as to give the pupil adequate learning skills for basic education.

In addition to Finnish, other subjects taught are mathematics, environmental studies (biology and geography), Finnish history, music, physical education (sports), crafts and visual arts. Religion is not taught in Preparatory instruction.

Preparatory instruction is independent of grade and class. The instruction is given in small groups that usually have less than 10 pupils. The weekly program consists of 20-30 lessons, depending on the pupil's grade. Each pupil is provided with an individual educational plan to match his or her skills and learning abilities. The special needs and learning abilities of each pupil are also considered. After preparatory instruction, a suitable grade level is defined to match the pupil’s skills and abilities. Preparatory instruction is assessed in a verbal assessment instead of grades.

Preparatory instruction usually lasts one school year but individual differences are possible. After completing preparatory instruction the pupil is transferred to the school near his or her home. If the distance from the pupil’s home is long, the bus tickets to and from school are provided free of charge by the City of Tampere.

Enrollment in Preparatory Instruction and information notices

Fill in the enrollment form to get the child enrolled in education preparing for comprehensive education through the link below and take contact, according to the child’s residence area, with the headteacher of the school to get further information. The enrolment is not possible without the home address in the Tampere area.

Exceptionally, the Preparatory instruction for Ukrainian children aged 7-16 is organized centrally in the Pellervo school building of Sampo School (address: Sämpsykkä 1) until the end of the spring semester. Those who have registered will be contacted from Pellervo School.

Preparatory instruction schools and the headteachers

Ahvenisjärvi school area (grades 1-3), Kaukajärvi (grades 1-3), Turtola area (grades 1-3):
Ahvenisjärvi comprehensive school
Tel. Head Teacher: 040 766 3172
33720 Tampere

Ilpo Nybacka 040 766 3172

Assistant principal
Eija Mustalahti 044 423 5131

Assistant principal
Taru Vento 044 486 3379

School secretary
Katri Sirkiä 040 168 5510
Minna-Maija Hietaniemi (Mon-Tue) 040 832 4339

Teachers’ lounge
040 861 7454

Jussi Innanen 050 5246 536

Preparatory group:
Grades 1-3

Etelä-Hervanta school area, Ahvenisjärvi (grades 4-9), Kaukajärvi (grades 4-9), Annala, Vuores:
Etelä-Hervanta comprehensive school
Tel. Head Teacher: 050 428 3044
33720 Tampere

Grades 1-9
Head Teacher: Matti Annala
Email address is of the format [email protected]

Preparatory groups:

Grades 1-3
Grades 3-6
Grades 7-9

Juhannuskylä school area, centre and northeast of Tampere, Nekala, Kaukajärvi (grades 7-9), Linnainmaa, Messukylä, Pispala, Takahuhti, Turtola (grades 4-9):
Juhannuskylä comprehensive school, Johannes unit
Tel. Head Teacher: 040 585 6490
Tel. vice-principal: 0400 305 661
33100 Tampere

Grades 1-9
Head Teacher: Petri Fihlman
vice-principal: Kirsi Numminen
Email address is of the format [email protected]

JUHANNUSKYLÄ/ preparatory, Postikatu 2
Preparatory groups:

Grades 1 - 2
Grades 3 - 4
Grades 5 - 6

JUHANNUSKYLÄ/ preparatory, Rautatienkatu 3-5
Grades 7 - 9

Hatanpää school area (grades 7-9):
Hatanpää comprehensive school
Tel. Head Teacher: 0400 764 165
External linkKoivistontie 31 33900 Tampere
Grades 0-9

Preparatory group:
Grades 7-9

Peltolammi and Hatanpää school areas (grades 1-6):
Peltolammi comprehensive school
Tel. Head Teacher: 040 800 7474
33840 Tampere

Grades 1-6, Head Teacher: Sirkku Vartiainen. Email address is of the format [email protected]

Preparatory groups:
Grades 1-3
Grades 4-6

Tesoma school area, to west from Haapalinna area, Lielahti:
Tesoma comprehensive school
Tel. Head Teacher: 050 409 8919
33310 Tampere

Grades 1-9, Head Teacher: Panu Pitkänen. Email address is of the format [email protected]

Preparatory groups:
Grades 1- 3
Grades 4 - 6
Grades 7 - 9

Additional information of Preparatory instruction