Increasing collaboration between Tampere and the United States, particularly in the fields of smart technology, experiences, and sustainability

Tampere City participated in the signing ceremony of Letter of Intent between Finland and Los Angeles. Cooperation between the United States and Tampere encompasses areas such as leveraging smart technology, enhancing the experience industry, and focusing on sustainability themes. This international collaboration contributes to Tampere’s vitality and supports business exports.
Delegaation väkeä seisoo rivissä kameralle hymyillen.
Director Teppo Rantanen from the City of Tampere (second from the left) met with Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass (third from the left) and Finland’s Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Ville Tavio (fourth from the left).

Recent weeks have seen active engagement between Tampere and the United States. On March 14, 2024, Finland’s Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, Ville Tavio, signed Letter of Intent with Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass. The agreement aims to strengthen cooperation between Los Angeles and Finland in sustainability and digital transition. Teppo Rantanen, Director from the City of Tampere, participated in the event as part of the Finnish delegation, which included representatives from Business Finland, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Finnish companies and organizations.

– The role of cities as promoters of sustainable development is globally significant. The natural collaboration between Tampere and Los Angeles stems from our shared commitment to sustainability. We both strive to enhance the well-being and quality of life for our citizens. The intelligent technological solutions implemented in Tampere, along with metaverse utilization, can be replicated in Los Angeles as well, Rantanen stated.

Next summer, Business Finland will bring a delegation from Los Angeles to Finland. The visit will include an exploration of Tampere’s smart technology solutions. Scheduled for June, this visit coincides with the Imagine the Metaverse event in Tampere on June 11-12, 2024. Susana Reyes, Commissioner of Public works from the City of Los Angeles, has recently been appointed as one of the keynote speakers for the Imagine the Metaverse event.

International collaboration supports the export and vitality of Tampere’s businesses 

Good relations with the United States contribute to the well-being and economic strength of the Tampere region.

– International collaboration means an opportunity for the city to learn and be inspired. This enables innovations that both support the export opportunities of local businesses and bring new ways to improve the well-being of Tampere residents to urban planning. We both export our practices to the world and learn from others, emphasizes Outi Valkama, Program Manager of the Data-Driven City for Citizens developement programme from the City of Tampere.

Panelistit keskustelemassa lavalla.
From the City of Tampere, Development Manager Tiia Joki (left) and Director Teppo Rantanen (center) in the 'Vision For 2040 and beyond - Cityverse in Creative Industries' discussion.

Tampere’s international strength lies in the creative utilization of technologies and data

Last week, Tampere was also represented at the South by Southwest event held in Austin, Texas. This event is one of the world’s largest professional gatherings that converges future smart technology and experience industries. Together with Business Finland and Vinnova, Tampere City organized a discussion session during the event focusing on the possibilities of the metaverse for creative fields.

– Our strength lies in the clever application of intelligent technologies and data for the benefit of both citizens and businesses. This makes Tampere intriguing on an international scale. Particularly, the opportunities presented by the metaverse, especially for the experience economy, are gaining momentum, says Valkama.

In Tampere, smart technology is utilized in the experience industry, especially during events. According to Rantanen, there have been intensive discussions between Tampere and Los Angeles teams regarding solutions for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics since last November.

– The technological solutions used in major Tampere events can also be replicated elsewhere. The upcoming visit from Los Angeles to Tampere is precisely aimed at showcasing our event technology in practice and exploring potential new collaboration opportunities, Rantanen explains.

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