Art made by children from Tampere on display at War Museum in Kyiv

An exhibition celebrating the 70th anniversary of the twin cities of Tampere and Kyiv showcases the art of children from Tampere at the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War in Kyiv. The exhibition is part of a visual arts project in Tampere, where school and kindergarten children created works of art related to hope and friendship to mark the 70th anniversary of the twinning of Tampere and Kyiv.
Ihmisiä taidenäyttelyssä.
Visual art made by children from Tampere is on display at the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War in Kyiv.

The works were put together in one exhibition at the Culture House Laikku in Tampere during the Kyiv Day in late May. The rest of the works were sent to Kyiv, where they will be the subject of several separate exhibitions during the rest of the year. For the exhibition at the War Museum in Kyiv, works were selected to fit the theme of "Fatherland". The exhibition will be on display until the end of June.

Tampere and Kyiv will celebrate their cooperation, which began in 1954, with a wide range of activities in both Tampere and Kyiv. The exhibition "Tampere - Kyiv. Drawings by children of the Twin City" is one of the cultural and artistic events of the anniversary year. 

Ihmisiä katsomassa taidenäyttelyä.
The works by children from Tampere on display at the War Museum in Kyiv are about friendship and hope.

At the opening of the exhibition, Diana Marynych, the the Head of the Department of Culture, Tourism, and Protection of Cultural Heritage at the Pechersk District State Administration, spoke about the twinning anniversary and the cultural activities associated with it. Oleh Kucheriavyi, the Deputy Director General of the War Museum, thanked the artists of the exhibition and stressed the importance of cultural achievements in raising awareness. He stressed that the exhibitions help people to understand that the war continues, and that Ukraine still needs help.

Ihmisiä taidenäyttelyssä.
Oleh Kucheriavyi (left), Serhii Anzhyiak (centre) and Diana Marynych (right) spoke at the opening of the exhibition.

Serhii Anzhyiak, the Director of the Department of Culture at the Kyiv City State Administration, presented the measures for the anniversary in Tampere. Tampere has supported Kyiv during the Russian war of aggression, including through donations and camps for Ukrainian children and young people.

Tampere will also be the place to admire Ukrainian-themed art, as an art tram decorated with works by students from Kyiv art schools will colour the streets of Tampere for the rest of the year. More works by students from Kyiv art schools, photographs by Kyiv photographers and Ukrainian-themed art and poems by groups from schools and kindergartens in Tampere will be displayed on digital screens inside the tram. The pictures of the art tram will also be on display at the exhibition of the Kyiv War Museum.

Kuva Tampereen taideratikasta taidenäyttelyn seinällä.
The exhibition at the Military Museum in Kyiv also showcases images from Tampere's Ukrainian-themed art tram.

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