Planning review provides information on 2024 sites

Tampere’s planning review for 2024 has been published on the city's website at The review offers versatile information about the changes coming to different parts of the city. Comprehensive planning and detail planning play a key role in the growth and development of Tampere. The purpose of the planning review is to help residents participate in the development of land use.
Kuvassa rakennuksia, ihmisiä ja raitiovaunu. Hahmotelma Hiedanrannan vision mukaisesta rakentamisesta.
Hiedanranta is an important planning site in the western area. The illustration shows a construction sketch in line with the Hiedanranta vision. Image: Schauman Nordgren Architects Ab and Architecturestudio NOAN

Land use planning is the driving force behind urban planning and controlled change. At the same time, it ensures that the different areas of the city are in balance and provide their residents with high-quality living environments. The goal is to support the city's growth and meet the challenges it brings, as attractiveness provides opportunities to develop Tampere into a more viable and sustainable city, as described in the introduction of the planning review.

In addition to the sites, the review includes information on the stages and progress of the planning. The different stages of the planning process are described in general terms, and there is information on how residents can participate and influence, for example, by submitting an opinion at a certain point in the planning process.

Throughout the planning process, plans are presented to the public several times. This allows residents and other interested parties to get to know the plans and provide their insights and comments. In connection with presenting the plans, the planning review provides information about the stage of each plan or which stage of the plan documents will be made available for consultation in 2024.

Comprehensive planning

During the current term of office 2021–2025, the comprehensive plan for the inner city will be updated, including the city centre area. The boundary of the phase plan is Highway 9. In the northern sub-area, the current local comprehensive plan for the Nurmi area will be updated to meet the needs of housing construction and the golf course moving to the area.

A phased comprehensive plan means that the existing comprehensive plans are only revised to the extent necessary. On 15 November 2021, the City Council of Tampere approved the City of Action strategy, which is the starting point for master plan work.

The themes selected for the phase comprehensive plan are ‘adaptation to climate change’ and ‘green areas’. The Tesoma station area, Lielahti-Hiedanranta, the city centre and the eastern side of Lake Alasjärvi were selected for more detailed planning.

Detail planning

Detail planning lays the foundation for the implementation of the comprehensive plan and for the conversion of areas – not only into buildable areas but also into parks, streets and other public areas. Detail plans take into account the city strategy, which aims at sustainable growth, smooth everyday life and increasing biodiversity and urban green.

One of the goals of the strategy is to increase the population by around 3,000 residents per year. Adequate annual planning ensures that the city can cope with the population growth. There are also building rights in already planned areas to support the growth.

For detail planning, the goal is to plan more than 80 % of housing in public transport zones and municipal centres so that the city can grow and develop in a sustainable manner that is in line with the city strategy. Complementary construction is also part of the development and revitalisation of the city.

The planning focuses especially on the quality of growth: the aim is a pleasant and clean urban landscape, an attractive local nature and diverse recreational opportunities, not forgetting services and the quality of construction.

The preparation of local detailed plans takes into account a variety of factors: the perceived well-being, comfort, safety and satisfaction of residents as well as factors that affect these, such as identity, sense of belonging, place-related ties and traditions, smooth everyday experiences and identification with the place.

The city is divided into four local detailed planning areas: west, central, east and south. The planning sites are presented by area.

Western sites

Detail plans of the western area will provide housing, services and jobs along good public transport connections. The regional focus is on the Lielahti-Hiedanranta regional centre. Local detailed plans for the Hiedanranta blocks are being drawn up for the school centre and the western end of Tehdaskartanonkatu.

The change in the detail plan along Paasikiventie makes it possible to develop the centre of Hiedanranta and the traffic arrangements in accordance with the Hiedanranta general plan. Complementary housing construction is also being considered for Lentävänniemi, Kaarila, Ristimäki and Tohloppi.

Central sites

Planning for the city centre aims to create a pleasant and vibrant centre where people live, spend their free time, engage in business and work. The plan is to ensure the adequacy and versatility of business premises and the safety and smooth running of different modes of transport.

Complimentary construction in the area will be adapted to the built cultural environment, in cooperation with private landowners and project developers. Special attention is paid to the quality of housing in the city centre, and the comfort of residential yards, for example, will be ensured by using the green factor tool in local detailed planning. Land use along the tramway will be improved through different projects. The tram also enables lighter parking solutions.

This year, the planning of the central station district will continue, and the local detailed plan solution for the Tampere Art Museum will be finalised. Hämeenpuisto and Eteläpuisto park areas will also be planned. Adaptation to the cultural environment is examined, for example, in the plans of Juhannuskylä and Tampere Theatre. In the city centre, there are several planning projects aimed at complementary housing construction in the districts of Amuri, Tammela and Tulli.

Eastern sites

In the eastern area, the detail plan work for 2024 focuses on the new tram line planned to run between Tampere University Hospital (TAYS) and Linnainmaa. The local detailed plan sites related to the tramway include the new residential area west of Lake Alasjärvi and the tram depot block.

Residential areas will also be complemented in Messukylä, Ruotula and Kaleva. Business plans are being drawn up for Linnainmaa and Olkahinen.

Southern sites

A well-being centre and new residential blocks are planned for Peltolammi-Lakalaiva to serve the southern districts, which will be the start of a new regional centre. Lahdesjärvi area will be developed as a vibrant employment area by reorganising existing commercial and industrial plots.

More residential and commercial space will be built around the tramway route. For example, the northern part of Hervanta around the landmark buildings will be expanded based on an idea competition.

A park is planned on the shore of Lake Iidesjärvi in Nekala to support the well-being of the residents. Preparations are also underway for the planning of the southern section of the Pirkkala-Linnainmaa tramway route.

Other topical issues

The planning review also provides information on the reformed architecture programme, the revision of national legislation on construction and the reform of the city's building code. Information on the urban environment is presented by describing the situation monitoring website.

The planning review also has a section on the planning situation in the urban region and on Pirkanmaa's regional land use planning, which sets out the key issues for land use in the area. The phased regional land use plan is currently being drafted with the themes of biodiversity and energy. Land use, housing and traffic planning are carried out in the urban region.

Further information

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Manager of City planning
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Head of Comprehensive planning
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Text: Anna-Leea Hyry
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