A shared ecosystem would elevate the creative industries of Pirkanmaa to a world-class level

A report on the current state and challenges of the creative industries ecosystem in Pirkanmaa has been completed at the end of 2023. As a result of this report, it is now possible to advance the development of creative industries based on researched information and target development actions in a way that best supports growth. The turnover of the creative industries in Pirkanmaa was nearly 600 million euros in 2022.
Valotaidetta hämärällä kerrostalojen sisäpihalla.
The creative industries ecosystem project in Pirkanmaa discovered many strong networks within the industry and a vast potential.

The creative industries ecosystem project in Pirkanmaa discovered many strong networks within the industry and a vast potential. However, a unified ecosystem that encompasses all creative sectors is missing – at least for the time being.

– Pirkanmaa boasts a rich landscape of creative industries, offering many opportunities for growth. We already see a diverse range of internationally competitive stuff being produced here, says project manager Heikki Aittala. 

Tampere at the heart, an active region around

Tampere is clearly the centre of creative industries in Pirkanmaa. The region also features local concentrations – glass design in Nuutajärvi, literature in Sastamala, visual arts in Mänttä-Vilppula – along with many local creative professionals.

In addition to this, there are sectors with organized activities. For instance, the gaming industry is brought together by Tampere Game Hub. Museums, theaters, and the event industry each have their own well-established networks.

In the AV industry, the Tampere region has emerged as a significant developer within just over five years, thanks to the active approach and production incentives of Film Tampere.

– In the coming years, the focus of Film Tampere will be on internationalization of the industry and increasingly on the development of local content business as well. The AV ecosystem requires leading companies, courage to operate beyond industry boundaries, and of course, studio space to serve international major productions, says program director Fanny Heinonen from Film Tampere. 

Scalability is the key to significant growth

The creative industries in Pirkanmaa are largely service-oriented. The societal significance of their activities is emphasized, and according to interview responses, it cannot be measured solely in economic terms.

–  Increasing social inclusion and community engagement are characteristic of the creative industries across the board, as is the promotion of cultural diversity and understanding, says Aittala.

The greatest opportunities for economic growth often lie in scalable business models. This is evident in Pirkanmaa's creative industries primarily within the gaming sector and to some extent in the AV industry.

– Developing scalable business models and products should therefore be one of the tasks within the creative industries ecosystem, Aittala states.

The project results include the voice of the creators

The ecosystem project, which began in February 2022, brought creative industry creators to the forefront, as data was collected through numerous interviews and workshops. The project also developed entirely new tools for assessing the situation.

– This provided valuable insights from the field about the current state, challenges, bottlenecks, along with development opportunities and prospects within the creative industries, says the project planner Heidi Korkeamäki.

Several interviewed individuals in the creative industries share the challenge posed by changing consumer behavior. Decisions to participate in public events and performances are being made later. The Covid era also seems to have decreased group travel to cultural events.

The interviews show that resource scarcity in the creative industries makes it difficult to develop business, marketing, and communication since investing in these activities often takes time away from actual creative work.

– The pandemic, with its gathering restrictions, has led to a shortage of workforce in the AV sector, event organizers, and event support services, as skilled personnel transitioned to other jobs, Korkeamäki explains.

What does the rest of Finland think about Pirkanmaa?

In the ecosystem project, a perception study was conducted on the attractiveness of the creative industries in Pirkanmaa. Creative industry professionals from other areas responded to the survey.

According to the results, the creative industries in Pirkanmaa appear vibrant and evolving to respondents. Professionals from other parts of Finland might be interested in moving to Tampere and Pirkanmaa for job opportunities, although the Helsinki metropolitan area was still considered more attractive.

Building the creative industries ecosystem would bring actors together around common themes. These could include scalable business and products, environmental perspectives, and sustainable development, increasing customer understanding and supporting internationalization. Together, more effective communication could be achieved regarding local development.

– A shared ecosystem for the creative industries would elevate the profile of Tampere and Pirkanmaa as an international center of the creative sector and experience economy, summarizes Aittala.

The development of the creative industry ecosystem project has been funded by the Pirkanmaa Regional Council. 


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