Welcoming City development program strengthens Tampere's internationalization and vitality

City of Tampere launches a new development program called Tampere Welcoming City with the aim of enhancing city's internationalization and vitality.
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Tampere Welcoming City development program aims at improving attraction and retention of international talents.

The program, starting from the beginning of 2024, seeks to increase Tampere's attraction and retention of international talents while maintaining the city's competitiveness and strong vitality. Through the Tampere Welcoming City development program, efforts will be made to increase the availability of skilled labor, internationalization of Tampere's job market, prevention of segregation, the Finnish language learning of immigrants, and the establishment of seamless services.

"The program contributes to Tampere's transformation into an international city. We need international talents, and Tampere should be a place where it is easy for everyone to build a good life. Enhancing Tampere's attraction and retention is essential from this perspective to ensure the city's competitiveness, economic vitality, and for example workforce availability", says Kalervo Kummola, Mayor of Tampere.

The development program has been prepared in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, including the city of Tampere, the business community, universities, educational institutions, the third sector, and international talents living in Tampere. Program's actions will also be advanced in cooperation with local stakeholders.

Development program will be managed  by Carita Prokki, who started her work as a program manager in early October. Prokki has earlier worked at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, where she was responsible for international business development.

"Tampere is famous for being the most attractive city in Finland. However, there is still work to be done to make us the most attractive city for international talents as well. Tampere should be an easy place to come, adapt, and stay. This is what we want to focus on within the city organization, but also in collaboration with the entire city community", Prokki explains.

Development programs are a significant way of implementing Tampere's city strategy. Ongoing development programs for the current city council term include Data-driven city for citizens, Carbon neutral actions, Tampere Junior, Five-star city centre, and Hiedanranta. Also, a new Wellbeing development program will begin in early 2024.

Further information

Carita Prokki
Program Manager
040 152 3733
Text: Pekka Pernu
Photos: Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere
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