The journey towards a million trash bags begins – Tampere opens deep bins around the city

The City of Tampere will take part in the national campaign called Miljoona roskapussia (one million trash bags) together with nearly 150 other cities and municipalities during the spring. Tampere will open more than 100 deep bins in public areas around the city for litter collectors during the campaign.
Viisi ihmistä kantavat roskapusseja ja katsovat kaukaisuuteen.
Joining the Finns to collect litter will be familiar faces, journalists Mikko "Peltsi" Peltola, Inka Henelius and Olli Haapakangas, and meteorologists Anniina Valtonen and Kerttu Kotakorpi.

Miljoona roskapussia campaign starts on Thursday 13 April and will run for two months. The aim of the campaign is to inspire Finns to collect one million trash bags of litter from the environment.

Tampereen Infra will open deep bins in public areas for litter collectors to dispose of their bags during the campaign. There will be more than 100 deep bins around the city.

The number of trash bags collected will be recorded on the campaign's website in the counter for the location where the litter was collected.

So it's not just a competition for the common good, but a real race between Finnish municipalities! The number of trash bags collected can be monitored in real time throughout the campaign, using a counter that is updated in real time for each location.

How to participate in the campaign

1. Bring gloves, an empty trash bag and, if possible, trash tongs

2. Go out - alone or in a group

3. Collect litter from the environment

4. Take the litter you collect to a mixed waste container when the trash bag is full

5. Mark the number of trash bags you have collected in the counter for the location where you collected them

6. Challenge your friends to join you!

It doesn't matter what size the trash bag is, it can be a 25 litre plastic bag or a fruit bag.

The campaign is organised by Yle. The campaign will be broadcast on Yle channels and programmes throughout the spring and the final results will be announced on Yle TV1 and Yle Arena on 14 June at 20:00. The patron of the campaign will be Dr Jenni Haukio, wife of the President of the Republic.

The whole city's Cleanliness volunteer work is involved in the clean-up campaign

Tampere is organising the traditional whole city's Cleanliness volunteer work on Saturday 6 May, which is also a good way to get involved in promoting the cleanliness and attractiveness of public areas. The event will collect litter from public areas of the city, such as cycle paths, streets, parks and other public places.

The total amount of litter collected during the event contributes to the Miljoona roskapussia campaign. The City of Tampere is organising the day together with Tampereen Infra, Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto and Ekokumppanit.

Karttakuva Tampereen syväkeräysastioiden sijainnista.
Locations of the deep bins in Tampere during the Miljoona roskapussia campaign

Further information

Teemu Kylmäkoski
Tampereen Infra Oy, maintenance of green areas Work manager
040 801 6376
Saara Saarteinen
Event Manager
040 801 6222
Text: Emilia Narmio
Photos: Johanna Kannasmaa / Yle
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