Smart city development and ICT industry come together at the Nokia Arena in June 2023

The international Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference will light up the Nokia Arena in Tampere with intelligent urban development and digitalization June 6–7 2023. The number one event for current industries brings forth modern thinking, technology, services, and solutions. The event is organized by the City of Tampere, Business Tampere, and the Tampere Trade Fairs Group.
Nokia Arena exhibition area from above, visitors walking around.
Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference at Nokia Arena in 2022

The Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference will blend together the events of Tampere Smart City Week 2022 conference & expo for smart city development and DigITre for the ICT industry that were both organized for the first time last summer. The event is geared to smart urban development networks, companies, and ecosystems; to the ICT sector, municipalities, cities, and educational institutions; and to the field’s specialists and future experts. 

International top event for smart city development and ICT 

The topical and future-proof industries of ICT and smart city development are regenerating themselves at an ever-increasing pace. Next summer’s upcoming event will again offer ground-breaking encounters at the top of their respective fields. This versatile event will form a global hub of intelligent city development, ICT, and digitalization, and again we expect people from a variety of countries; in 2022, the share of international visitors was 15 percent from a total of 28 countries. 

− Tampere is globally known for its companies and among other smart cities. Decades of groundwork and our strong brand are showing in the interest the international field is showing in us. The latest example of this is our recently launched cooperation with Japan. In collaboration with Japanese cities, we are developing new, intelligent methods that will utilise the collected data to support the residents’ well-being, says Teppo Rantanen, Executive Director of Growth, Innovation and Competitiveness, City of Tampere. 

He highlights, how the core of Tampere’s smart urban development lies in doing things together and learning from one another. This is evident in the Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference too. 

−It is no coincidence that major events take place here. In the future, smart technologies and rich experiences are sure to intertwine more and more, Rantanen adds. 

Artificial intelligence, robotics and automation takes the stage

Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference will showcase the latest and greatest in artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, and digitalization. The event will provide insights into areas such as cyber security, smart residential areas, and mobility – such as the much-discussed autonomous driving. The viewpoints will focus on international cooperation and responsibility. 

− We have summed up the event that launched so spectacularly last year and placed all our bets on the next one. We believe that the Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference - with its revised program and brighter outlook - innovates solutions, provides experience, and creates for the future, says the project manager for the event package Sami Siurola of the Tampere Trade Fairs Group.

The programme gives you excellent keynote speakers and the most topical addresses in the field, and the event will also include award ceremonies for the top experts in smart city development and digitalization. At the events, international encounters and top specialist networking have central roles.

 The Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference is organised by the City of Tampere, Business Tampere, and the Tampere Trade Fairs Group. The event is produced by the Tampere Trade Fairs Group. 

Further information

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Photos: Jyri Kivimäki
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