Sammon päiväkoti day-care centre opened its doors

The new Sammon päiväkoti day-care centre has started operating in the premises of Kaupinkatu in Tampere. The day-care centre is part of a new school and day-care centre property. The other facilities will be occupied by autumn 2023.
Director of the kindergarden sitting on the floor
According to Johanna Eskelinen, day-care centre manager, the new Sammon päiväkoti day-care centre invests in children's physical activity as part of every day. In addition to exercise sessions, exercise equipment is available in everyday play.

The new Sammon päiväkoti daycare centres opened its doors on Monday 9 January 2023. The building in which the day-care centre operates is located at the intersection between Kaupinkatu and Väinämöisenkatu (address Kaupinkatu 29/Väinämöisenkatu 1).

The new day-care centre has a total of six groups of children in three home sections, all of which will be introduced during January-February 2023. A maximum of 120 children can attend the day-care centre. The number of children varies by age.

Johanna Eskelinen, day-care centre manager at Sammon päiväkoti, is excited about the new day-care centre.

- Sammon päiväkoti is easy to reach and we have nature around us, says Eskelinen. 

According to Eskelinen, the nearby parks are easily accessible. Moving and playing indoors and outdoors are an important part of the day-care centre's everyday activities. The day-care centre also has access to a gym.

- Sammon päiväkoti has been designed from the perspective of physical activity, and this is a big part of our everyday life. The special needs of children have also been considered already in the planning phase, she says. 

School facilities available later

The day-care centre is the first service that has started operating in the new school and day-care facility built on Kaupinkatu. The property has a lot of new space for the school, which will be partly introduced already in spring 2023 and more extensively when the autumn semester begins in August 2023. The building has facilities for a total of 750 pupils (pre-primary education and classes 1-9).

Some of the new school facilities, such as the sports facilities, skill and art subject facilities, are to be introduced already during the spring semester as teaching facilities of the school Sammon koulu. Sammon koulu will have additional space for teaching physical education and art subjects. Sports facilities will already be available in January, and other skill and art subject facilities later in the spring. 

The school facilities will become more widely available when the schools begin in August 2023. At that time, approximately 300 pre-primary or basic education pupils of the school Kissanmaan koulu will move to the premises for the duration of the basic improvement work of their school. In addition, about 250 Sammon koulu pupils study at the school. 

Pre-primary education will also begin in the new school facilities in August 2023. The pre-primary education of the school Puistokoulu in Kalevanharju and the pre-primary teaching groups at the Teiskontie site of Sammon koulu will be transferred to the facilities.

Further information

Johanna Eskelinen
Sampo day-care centre
Maaret Tervonen
Sampo school Head Teacher
040 806 3846
Markku Kokko
Kissanmaa school Head Teacher
050 595 0971
Text: Johanna Toivanen
Photos: Laura Happo
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