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16.12.2022 09.08

Schools, day-care centres, and pre-primary education have prepared for possible power outages

The exceptional situation in the electricity market may cause pre-planned or unplanned power outages this winter. In schools, day-care centres and pre-primary education, preparations for possible power cuts have been made, for example, by purchasing backup power sources, battery-operated radios, flashlights, and other materials intended for securing the operation.

Early childhood education and pre-primary education services during possible power outages

During a pre-planned and short-term outage, the aim is to organise early childhood education and pre-primary education services in their own units or to centralise the services in local units. In longer-term power outages, the possibility of organising the activities is assessed separately. In both situations, it is possible that activities may have to be reduced and opening hours shortened.

The guardians will be informed of any changes through the eVaka and Wilma systems, as long as their operations can be secured. If necessary, information is also provided by means of bulletins placed in the front doors of the units.

Operation of basic education during possible power outages

During pre-planned and short-term outages, the aim is to arrange the school's activities as normally as possible, according to the school timetable. The principal informs the guardians separately of any school-specific changes.

In case of longer-term interruptions in electricity supply, the organisation of activities is always assessed separately. It is possible that the activities will only be organised during daylight (from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.), using mainly outdoor facilities. Morning and afternoon activities cannot be organised.

Possible changes will be informed through the Wilma system, as long as its operation can be secured. If necessary, information is also provided by means of bulletins placed in the schools’ front doors.

Power outages are communicated through many channels

If it is necessary to restrict the supply of electricity in Tampere, power cuts will be rotated in periods of one to two hours. Restrictions are most likely possible during the frost periods in January and February.

In the event of a power shortage, rotating power outages ensure the functionality of the entire power system. The best way to avoid power outages is to save electricity and avoid the use of electricity from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., on weekdays.

The restrictions on electricity supply are communicated on the electricity network companies' website, on various city and media channels, through national disturbance notifications, and on the transmission system operator Fingrid's website. A fault map can be found on the website of the Tampere electricity company, which provides information on possible power outages in each area: Interruptions in the Tampere electricity network (in Finnish)

More information on preparing for the energy shortage and power outages

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Early education and pre-primary education Head of Services
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Basic education Director of Basic Education
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Security and Safety Manager
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Text: Aila Rajamäki
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