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30.8.2022 09.10
Young students studying and discussing at the auditorium.
Entrepreneurship can also be studied as an optional subject at the comprehensive schools in Tampere. Students of the optional course "One Year as an Entrepreneur".

Working Life Week is visible in the schools and educational institutions of Tampere

The schools and educational institutions of Tampere are celebrating a working life theme week 5–9 September 2022. During Working Life Week, pupils and students get to learn more about working life and entrepreneurship in many ways.

This is the fourth time that Working Life Week is taking place in Tampere. The matron of the event is the Mayor of Tampere, Anna-Kaisa Ikonen

“This week is a great opportunity for children and young people to reflect on their own dreams and strengths and how to make their dreams come true. I hope that everyone will have a good time getting to know working life and entrepreneurship,” says the Mayor of Tampere, Anna-Kaisa Ikonen.

On Monday 5 September 2022, there will be a festive flag-flying in front of the Old City Hall and Sampola to celebrate the theme week and the national Entrepreneur's Day (5 September).

Useful skills can be developed early

During the theme week in Tampere, important topics related to entrepreneurship and working life will also be raised in early childhood education. Early childhood education lays the foundations for a child's lifelong entrepreneurial spirit, which is practised through developing perseverance. Even young children practise perseverance on a daily basis, for example, when they put their clothes on.
Children's ideas are developed in day care centres, for example, into projects where they learn how to achieve something together. The theme is approached in an active manner: by exploring, playing and experimenting. Through play, dreams are processed and various professions are introduced. 

A wide variety of events in schools and educational institutions

During the week, comprehensive schools organise various competitions, remote workshops and remote visits as a joint programme. The week's programme includes the At work! photo competition for 1st–3rd graders, remote workshops for 7th graders, the Entrepreneurial school video competition for 8th graders and the Tampere Business Race competition for 9th graders, where pupils tour the city centre to perform tasks related to entrepreneurship and working life. 

In addition, the programme of lower secondary schools includes a remote KeyNote Speaker event, where entrepreneurs share their own story and experiences of working life (Roni Back, Helena Riihitupa and Pete Poskiparta). Schools can also organise their own programmes for the week. 

In upper secondary schools and vocational education institutions, entrepreneurship and working life skills are displayed in various joint events. In addition, various units organise events of their own. The programme includes the Entrepreneurship Path panel, where students' own experiences of entrepreneurship are shared, the Entrepreneur's Financial Skills event, Sammonkatu Fest and an Open Stage event with the start-up company Commu app as a business guest, among others. In addition, a webinar on working life trends will be organised by Ensimetri. 

“The events offer a diverse perspective on the future of working life and entrepreneurship. Through our extensive and active work and entrepreneurship network, we have a wide range of programmes on offer again this year. Students are interested in entrepreneurship and, in the future, work paths will be even more diverse. The students' and business guests' own experiences in particular bring interesting perspectives on entrepreneurship,” says Entrepreneurship Coordinator Emmi Salminen from the Tampere Regional Vocational College Tredu.

The events will be organised with a wide network of partners and pupils and students can join them online. Parts of the programme offerings for vocational education institutions are included in the event calendar for upper secondary schools. In addition, business visit opportunities, workshops and events for upper secondary school students are also organised. 

Higher education institutions also included in the theme week

The Tampere University of Applied Sciences and the University of Tampere provide expertise in programme of the Working Life Week. Proakatemia and HUBS, which offer entrepreneurship studies to the academic community, organise brief information sessions on what entrepreneurship studies are available to new students. 

The City of Tampere's Employment and Growth Services will also participate in the theme week. The services bring together work and workers with the aim of developing and growing working life in Tampere. Employment and Growth Services provide a perspective on working life skills, entrepreneurial attitude and the commercialisation of one's own skills into Working Life Week.

The theme week is organised by the Entrepreneurial Tampere network, which includes early childhood education, basic education, secondary education, higher education institutions and the city's Employment and Growth Services. From toddlers to doctors, i.e. people from early childhood education to universities, will participate in Working Life Week and its arrangements.

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