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Library for immigrants

A Library is a meeting point for everyone

A library is a meeting place and a cultural centre. In a library, you can read, spend time, meet friends and take part in various events.

Books, newspapers, music...

A library is intended for children, young, women, and men. In a library, you can borrow books, newspapers, films, music, computer games, and language courses. In a library, you can find material for Finnish language studies.

In the very centre of the city, thereis a room for reading newspapers and magazines from various parts of the world. You can read newspapers also on the Internet in your own language.

Visiting a library, borrowing books and using computers is free of charge.

Libraries are near

The name of the main library is Metso. Tampere has also several district libraries and stops for itinerary library buses.


In a library, you can use a computer with an Internet connection.

At Tietotori computer learning center you get assistance in the use of a computer with an Internet connection

How can we help You?

The personnel of the library can help you, answer your questions and show you the library. You can also be served in English.

Multilingual Library

The collection of Tampere City Library contains material in over 100 languages. In addition, Tampere City Library borrows interlibrary collections from the Multilingual Library. Interlibrary collections contain material in languages which are rare in our own collection.

Main library Metso has interlibrary collections in following languages (summer 2019): Arabic, Persian, Somali, Urdu, Thai, Swahili and Vietnamese. There are also interlibrary collections in Hervanta Library, Sampola Library and Peltolammi Library.

External linkMultilingual Library offers literature to all foreign language speakers living in Finland in their native language. In addition to books, the collection has music recordings, movies, magazines, audiobooks and e-books. Customers can borrow materials from Multilingual Library via their local library. Use of the Multilingual Library is free of charge.