Skip to sidebar is a useful information service especially for the local residents and others using the services of the City of Tampere, but also for the international public and the business sector. offers an introduction to the services provided by the city and an easy way to access them. Other key contents of the website include current issues and the municipal residents’ possibilities to exert influence, as well as information on the city's operations and development priorities. 

The website is the city’s most important communications channel. It has gained more and more users each year. In 2021, the website had 3.4 million visitors and 21.4 million downloads. 65 per cent of users entered the website through a search engine. 58 per cent of the visitors used a smartphone to access the site.

At the end of 2020, the city tendered the implementation of on the Drupal platform. The new website was published in May 2022, and it tries to be more customer-oriented, user friendly and accessible.

The Central Administration communications service is responsible for the online service package. 

Satu Aalto editor-in-chief Communications Manager
050 571 2874

Did you know? 

Tampere was one of the first Finnish cities to launch a website in the mid-1990s. The very first website of the City of Tampere was published in 1994.

Updated 19.9.2022