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Well-being survey results have been published

Published 14.6.2021 15.30

The City of Tampere opened a survey to gauge well-being of citizens in February 2021 with over 4500 Tampere citizens participating. Most respondents stated that their quality of life and health is good, and neighbourhoods are widely experienced as safe and comfortable. The results are now available on the website of the City of Tampere.

A view from Sorsapuisto Park in summer

The purpose of the survey was to learn more about individuals’ well-being and Tampere’s neighbourhoods. Topics of the survey were, for instance, lifestyle, hobbies, and transportation. Citizens were asked to mark places that they liked, felt unsafe or disliked on the map, to which the city should pay special attention. 

Parks and forests are important for Tampere’s citizens

In the map-based survey, the respondents made 21 000 marks all over Tampere. These marks show that parks and forests are most important for the citizens’ well-being. Citizens uses these places for spending time, hobbies, and meeting friends.

– Favourite places in Tampere are Hatanpää arboretum, Pyynikki, Eteläpuisto as well as Näsinpuisto and Sorsapuisto. The Kauppi forest is important for various kinds of hobbies, notes analyst Pekka Veiste.

Many respondents located unsafe feelings particularly to Keskustori, Tulli area and Hervanta and surroundings. Disturbances caused by people’s behaviour was the main cause of unsafe feelings. Additionally, car driving speeds and high traffic are worrying Tampere’s citizens in numerous neighbourhoods.

The results are open for everyone

The results of the survey are a valuable source of information for the City of Tampere in various ways such as gaining an understanding of Tampere citizens’ well-being.

– The City of Tampere makes use of the answers, for instance, in service planning and in the development of neighbourhoods. We have been analysing the answers and discussing future actions addressing issues that were identified from the results. In autumn, we can explain in more detail how the results have been used, analyst Katri Heininen tells. – We are grateful for everyone who took part in the survey.

The results are now open for everyone. From the City’s website (link below), you can access a report containing the results of the survey. The report is currently only available in Finnish.

More information: External linkTamperelaisten hyvinvointi -kyselyn tulokset 2021

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