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A new PIKI online library has been opened on an experimental basis

Published 4.6.2021 15.09

The updated PIKI online library, which is part of Pirkanmaa's public library network, has been opened on an experimental basis. Customers can use the PIKI service at

Laptop with the new PIKI website

PIKI library customers can now try out the new PIKI online library at The service is available in Finnish and English. You can log in to the online library using your PIKI library card number and associated ID number. Not all functions require that you log in. The updated online library is currently available alongside the traditional PIKI online library, so customers can use both.

In the updated online library, materials are presented more visually. The service includes the best features that were already available in the original online library, including search alerts and favourites lists, as well as a number of new functionalities.

- For example, the service allows you to connect the library cards of different family members to the same customer account, making it easy to keep track of due dates. You can also carry out operations on behalf of others. The online library can be easily accessed from a mobile device. The PIKI service also includes an electronic library card, which is used like a traditional library card, says Ismo Raitanen from Tampere City Library, who acted as IT Manager in the renewal process.

The new online library also includes comprehensive browsing functions, and you can search for materials based on library classification, for example. The new browsing functions allow customers to find new surprising materials similarly to when browsing library shelves.

We encourage customers to provide feedback

The new online library has been tailored to fit the Finna platform offered by the National Library of Finland. 90% of Finland's public libraries already use an online library built onto the Finna platform.

- Our customers have already been asking about a Finna-based online library, so we are looking forward to implementing the service and receiving further ideas for improvement. Our goal is to at least add an online payment option to the service, which could not be incorporated from the beginning of the test period, Raitanen says.

Thanks to the Finna connection, PIKI libraries can also offer material from outside their own collections, such as e-materials that are available for free use. The online library is being developed together with various libraries, a process that is facilitated by the use of an open source code.

Customers can provide feedback using a form available in the new online library.

Further information

Tampere City Library
IT manager Ismo Raitanen