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New Tampere Ambassadors chosen for 2021

Published 19.2.2021 9.48

The City of Tampere has launched a new Tampere Ambassadors program from the beginning of 2021 with a new concept.

The recently chosen city ambassadors aim to increase internationalization, international awareness and vitality of Tampere.

– With the help of the 39 new Tampere Ambassadors, we want to have a growing number of international investments, congresses, events, talents and students in Tampere. In addition, increased international awareness of Tampere is one of the targets of the program, says Competitiveness Director Anna-Kaisa Heinämäki.

New Tampere Ambassadors are internationally oriented and internationally renowned researchers, pioneers in the business sector, influential players in the field of culture, as well as international experts and talents. All of them share a strong expertise in their own field, and a passion for Tampere.

– I will continue telling the world how important a stepping-stone Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra has been to my career. Nowadays, Tampere is my home. I will also continue to invite internationally leading artists as guests to Tampere to wine and dine them and take them ice swimming – and show them Tampere’s sights, of course, says the Chief Conductor of Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, and Tampere Culture Ambassador, Santtu-Matias Rouvali.

Rouvali Santtu-Matias
Chief Conductor of Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, and Tampere Culture Ambassador Santtu-Matias Rouvali. Photo: Kaapo Kamu

The CEO of Tampere-based Modulight Ltd, and Tampere Business Ambassador Seppo Orsila wants to influence particularly on international awareness and promoting export industry.

– I want to make Tampere’s companies more well-known globally and create more cooperation between companies in order to increase exports, so that larger collections could be exported collaboratively by several companies, he says.

Seppo Orsila
The CEO of Tampere-based Modulight Ltd, and Tampere Business Ambassador Seppo Orsila.

Most of the new Tampere Ambassadors act in their roles on a fixed-term basis until the end of 2021. Next group of Tampere Ambassadors will be chosen at the end of this year.

The City of Tampere coordinates the Tampere Ambassadors program together with Business Tampere, Visit Tampere, International HUB Tampere and Tampere University.

Tampere Alumni Ambassadors:
Juha Alakarhu
Suvi Haimi
Sini Havukainen
Pasi Kuhmonen
Henna Paakinaho
Sami Somero
Lauren Stevens

Tampere Business Ambassadors:
Leena Aalto
Seppo Orsila
Eero Salmelin

Tampere Congress Ambassadors:
Pertti Alasuutari
Atanas Gotchev
Kalevi Huhtala
Howy Jacobs
Tiina Soini-Ikonen
Markku Sotarauta
Kalle Vaismaa

Tampere Culture Ambassadors:
Santtu-Matias Rouvali
Aram Tertzakian

Tampere Talent Ambassadors:
Lakshmi Bangalore Gangadharaswamy
Derek Correa
Selene Gama
Catherine Ghersi
Esin Guldogan
Yesselin Hermano
Dixit K.C.
Apil Karki
Zeynep Kaynar
Kelly Keodara
Margarita Khartanovich
Heramb Kulkarni
Celine Kylänpää
Hakki Meseci
Shruti Mittal
Stanley Orock
Ashley Penn
Yulia Shumilova
Talita Tobias Carneiro
Ali Vatanshenas

More information on Tampere Ambassador program

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