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Medical Helpline 116 117 launches in Tampere Region in January 2021

Published 9.11.2020 14.49

A 24/7 Medical Helpline 116 117 will be launched in the Tampere Region in January 2021. The helpline serves all residents in the Tampere Region outside the opening hours of local health centres. A nurse assesses whether urgent care is needed and guides the caller to the correct location for medical care. The helpline nurses also offer help and self care guidance for sudden health problems.

Medical help line 116117.

The Medical Helpline is designed for urgent health problems but not medical emergencies. In an emergency, call the emergency number 112. We recommend calling the free-of-charge 116 117 helpline whenever you believe you might need urgent care or a visit to an emergency clinic. If you have been given an emergency referral, you can go to the emergency clinic without contacting the Medical Helpline.

The Tampere Region Medical Helpline 116 117 will serve callers 24/7 starting from 1 January 2021. The calls will be answered by trained nurses who will assess whether care is needed, direct the caller to the correct location and offer guidance.

Moving forward, anyone planning to visit an emergency clinic of Tampere University Hospital must call 116 117.

After launching the Medical Helpline, the current health services information an advice line 03 311 63345 for the children’s emergency services at Tampere University Hospital will be discontinued.

10023 to focus on non-urgent health advice

Moving forward, the health care counselling service number 03 10023 of the City of Tampere will focus on non-urgent, general health counselling.

The launch of the new helpline does not change the contact information and methods of health centres. Contact your health centre either through the centre’s electronic services or by calling the centre. Your health centre is the primary place of care and will provide urgent care during its opening hours.

Service provider based on municipality of residence

The Medical Helpline 116 117 is an operating model laid out by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health to serve callers around Finland. The call is directed to the emergency numbers of different hospital districts according to the caller’s location.

At the beginning of the call, a caller from the Tampere Region selects one of two service providers according to their municipality of residence. Residents of Tampere and Orivesi select City of Tampere as their service provider, whereas residents of other municipalities select the Pirkanmaa Hospital District.

SMS or chat services are available to individuals with speaking or hearing difficulties. Residents of Tampere and Orivesi can call 040 639 7700 every day between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. The text service organised by HUS produces an External linkonline emergency chat service that covers all of Finland.