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The Sara Hildén Art Museum’s Exhibition Celebrates the Centenary of the Tampere Artists’ Association

Published 2.9.2020 10.40

The Associates exhibition opening on 12 September presents the works of six members of the Tampere Artists’ Association, who are also represented in the collection of the Sara Hildén Foundation.

The museum has invited to participate in the exhibition six artists who were born in the 1950s: Tomas Byström, Tuula Lehtinen, Osmo Rauhala, Teemu Saukkonen, Jyrki Siukonen and Ilkka Väätti. They began their careers in the 1980s, when boundaries were broken and new forms of art and media of expression were sought in Finnish art. Emphasis was given to the content and conceptuality of art as well to the visual exploitation of historical sources and portrayals of the times. The artistic prowess of these artists has received the recognition of the art world in the course of their long careers, and the exhibited works show that they continue to be actively creative.

The name of the exhibition Associates refers both to the six exhibited artists’ membership of the Tampere Artist’s Association and to their association in the context of this exhibition. However, each artist has his or her own individual style and recognisable idiom, and therefore each has been given his or her own gallery space in the exhibition, thereby creating six separate solo exhibitions. But at the same time it is also a question of a group exhibition in which the contents, forms and materials of the works and the history and present state of art create a dialogue between them. The works challenge but also complement each other, in this way fruitfully giving birth to new contents and interpretations.

The exhibition is based on the artists’ works owned by the Sara Hildén Foundation, most of which were acquired in the 21st century, but cooperation between the artists and the personnel of the museum has produced an exhibition ensemble which in some cases consists almost entirely of new works.

The Associates exhibition in the Sara Hildén Art Museum 12/9/2020–17/1/2021

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