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City of Tampere preparing to supply face masks to residents on low income

Published 18.8.2020 13.31

On Thursday 13 August 2020, The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) issued a recommendation that urges citizens to use face masks to protect other people. Face masks provide one means of preventing the spread of coronavirus infections.

Man with a facial mask.

The responsibility to purchase masks falls mainly on residents themselves, but the city is able to provide face masks free of change to people on low income. The City of Tampere is preparing to distribute face masks to residents on low income through the city’s different services and in cooperation with the third sector by the beginning of next week. On Friday 14 August from 4 pm onwards, face masks will be distributed with the help of Finnish Red Cross food aid at Otavalankatu 12 A. opening hours Mon 10–16, Tue 10–18, Wed 10–13, Thu 10–17.

From Tuesday 18 August 2020 onwards, low-income residents of Tampere can collect free face masks from the following distribution points:

In addition, face masks will be distributed at ViaDia food aid distribution points Puutarhakatu 17 (The Evangelical Free Church of Tampere), opening hours Mon-Thu 12–12.30 and Virontörmänkatu 13 (Suburban House of Ikuri), opening hours Mon, Tue and Fri 13–15 and also at the parish leftover food aid distribution points.

It is recommended you wear a face mask when you use public transport, when you are on your way to take a coronavirus test and waiting for the test results, if you have an urgent reason to spend time outside your home. The recommendation also applies when you are returning to Finland from a risk area and are travelling, for example, from the place of arrival to quarantine. It is also recommended that you wear a face mask when using Tampere Regional Transport.

The recommendation applies to those hospital districts where coronavirus infections have been detected within the last two weeks, which includes Pirkanmaa Hospital District. A face mask is recommended for everyone aged 15 and over. It is still of primary importance that you maintain a physical distance of 1–2 metres whenever possible, wash your hands, cough into your sleeve or a disposable tissue, and avoid touching your face.