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Jukka Silokunna´s exhibition at Haihara Art Centre

Published 5.8.2020 16.23

Jukka Silokunna's Entropy I exhibition at Haihara Art Centre 8.8.–30.8.2020. Jukka Silokunnas is a media artist working with video, animation, and Augmented Reality.

Jukka Silokunnaksen teoskuva Entropia 1 -näyttelystä, jossa on hajoitettu vasara.

As we look at the clock, we are not really seeing time. We are looking at a construct that has been optimised for the human mind to bring order by telling us the position of the sun in relation to where we are.

According to the second law of thermodynamics, the behaviour of entropy expresses the direction of time. For me, personally, entropy – i.e. the increase in disorder – has become the most important measure of time.

Time, therefore, means movement; an invariably forward motion. As something that never stops and that cannot be touched, what does time leave behind?

My artistic work is a personal journey into this invisible motion. My works are an attempt at recording and bringing forward the true nature of time. A play with the transience and endless emptiness of all things. Emptiness, however, is not the same as insignificance. Our every action is an inevitable forward movement, causing new reactions, events and wonderful coincidences.

Even though the laws of physics are quite accurate in depicting our reality, the complexity of the human mind transcends the physical limitations of time. We can move backwards in time, grab hold of a moment and bring it back with us to the future.

These are the movements in time that we recall while looking at a photograph from yesterday.

My works are physically attached to the time shown by the clock in that the time it took to create them varies between 15 years and one second. The years tie my high-flown ideas together, leaving behind the thing that is I. This is the pace-setting binding energy of entropy.

The clock does not move, you do.

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Cultural Producer
Karoliina Paappa Tel. 044 481 1775

Text Karoliina Paappa

Photos Jukka Silokunnas