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Tramway Art brings a landmark to Vuohenoja - the winner of the Vuohenoja Landscape Art Contest has been chosen

Published 30.6.2020 9.57

A new Tramway artwork will be revealed in Tampere's Vuohenoja district next summer. The creator of the work was sought through an open international art competition of the Tramway Art project, for which 114 entries were received. The competition was won by the Swedish working group Brrum, consisting of Cecilia Lundbäck, Ulrika Karlsson and Veronica Skeppe. The artwork is funded by the A.R. Winter Memorial Foundation together with City of Tampere.


Last November, the Tramway Art project, in cooperation with the Tampere Art Museum, held an international art competition to find an artist or a working group to create a landscape work for Vuohenoja, along the Tampere tramway and the Hervanta highway. The competition ran until the end of March. The number of entries submitted to the competition was a positive surprise for the jury.

- It is great that we received so many entries and the competition aroused interest abroad as well. Apparently, the task was challenging, as the level of proposals varied. However, there was unanimous agreement on the top of the 15 candidates , says the chairman of the competition jury Taina Myllyharju from the Tampere Art Museum.

“The Fågelsträck - Navigation Figures" by the Swedish working group Brrum was announced as the winner of the competition. The winner will be awarded a EUR 10,000 prize and talks about the implementation will continue with the working group. The winning work will be visible to users of the tramway, the adjacent light traffic route and the Hervanta highway. The goal is for the work to be completed in summer 2021.

- The winning proposal will take over the entire competition area and take into account the different viewing directions, creating a clear landmark desired for the location. The artwork works well in its entirety, both when viewed up close and when passed by quickly. Thanks to its lighting, the artwork is impressive at different times of the day and different seasons. The artwork's idea of communication and its connection to Hervanta and communication technology, as well as waterways, brings local and timely thematic depth. The work clearly looks like a work of art at a glance and fulfils the conditions of the commission, says Myllyharju.

The proposal “Kestikievari" by architect Johanna Anttila and sculptor Pekka Jylhä came in second place in the competition. The entry will be awarded a prize of EUR 5,000. Third place went to “I don’t wanna grow up", an entry by the artist couple Teija and Pekka Isorättyä. They will be awarded a prize of EUR 3,000.

The prize committee of the competition was chaired by the Museum Director Taina Myllyharju from the Tampere Art Museum. In addition, the jury included Antti Haukka, project manager; Jyrki Lehtimäki, Environmental Planner; Hanna Montonen, Director of Urban Planning; and Jaakko Stenhäll, Deputy Mayor of the City of Tampere as well as Seppo Kovala, member of the board of the A.R. Winter Memorial Foundation and three members appointed by the Artists’ Association of Finland, Heli Ryhänen, Kaisa Berry and Minna Kangasmaa. The competition committee consisted of Taina Myllyharju, Minna Kangasmaa, Heli Ryhänen and Kaisa Berry. Secretary for prize committee and competition committee was Heini Orell, Frei Zimmer Oy.

In the Tramway Art project, Tampere Tramway harnesses art as part of the travel experience. The goal of Tramway Art is to create a high-quality and attractive living environment both during the construction of the tramway and when the tram traffic is in operation. Currently, 58 artists have participated in 17 art projects. The City of Tampere's tramway development programme is responsible for the Tramway Art. The implementation is coordinated by Frei Zimmer Oy.

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