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Tampere Day fills the city with events and activities

Published 26.9.2018 15.18

King Gustav III of Sweden signed the foundation document of the City of Tampere on 1 October 1779. To commemorate this occasion, Tampere holds a yearly celebration on the first day of October and the closest weekend to that date. Tampere turns 239 this year. Tampere Day is celebrated from Saturday, 29 September, to Monday, 1 October 2018.

Tampere Day 2018

During the festivities, the City of Tampere is bursting with more than one hundred fantastic events and activities. Tampere Day has been celebrated since 1955.

You can find the the Tampere Day programme on the city’s website at The official Tampere Day Facebook event can be found under the name Tampereen päivä. You can also join in with the festive spirit on social media by using the hashtag #tampereenpäivä.

“This year, commercial operators in the Tampere city centre have been able to submit their events, special offers, restaurant theme menus and other campaigns as a part of the Tampere Day programme. The shopping district event programme has been compiled in collaboration with the Promoting Tampere Association," says Culture Manager Marianne Luoma, who has been coordinating the Tampere Day programme.

Draisine rides and open doors

Almost all of the Tampere Day events are free of charge or have a discounted admission fee. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Tampere We Foundation House, coffee and cake are served at the Peltolammi school on Saturday, 29 September. The event also features activities that are geared towards families with children. If you’re interested in riding a draisine, you can pop by Hervanta to experience how the draisine travels along the new Insinöörinkatu tramway on a ride arranged by the Tramway Alliance. Many interesting attractions, such as the Mediapolis in Tohloppi, Hatanpää manor and Hiedanranta, have their doors open on Saturday. You can learn more about the design and development of Hietaranta at the pop-up design office in the Central Office Building.

One of the staples of the Tampere Day programme is the Tallipiha Crafts Event, at which a large group of craftspeople come together to present their work and demonstrate their skills on both Saturday and Sunday. Culture House Laikku and Children’s Cultural Centre Rulla host a wide variety of events and activities throughout the entire weekend as well. The guided Tampere Day city tours also take place on both days.

Celebrating the 110-year-old Central Fire Station

The Pirkanmaa rescue services Central Fire Station celebrates its 110th anniversary on Sunday, 30 September. To mark the occasion, the station will hold an open-door event from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can also visit the Hervanta station to admire the fire trucks and ambulances.

Many museums have free admission on Sunday, including the Moomin Museum, Museum Centre Vapriikki (excluding the Marilyn exhibition), the Amuri Museum of Workers’ Housing, the Goldilocks exhibition at the Tampere Art Museum, the Sara Hildén Art Museum and the Lenin Museum. Monitoimitalo 13 offers plenty of activities for families and youth from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Visitors are welcome to the Keskikoski hydropower plant to learn more about the operations of Tampereen Sähkölaitos (Tampere Power Utility Group), which turns 130 this year. The doors are open on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The first operating season of the new Tampere outdoor swimming pool comes to a close on 30 September; admission to the pool is free of charge for the day.

On Monday, 1 October, the Tampere Day festivities resume with even more events at various venues, including the Tampere Diabetes Association, Aitoon Koulutuskeskus Centre, Tulppaanitalo Centre and Tesoma Wellbeing Centre.

Every Tampere Day, the city rewards commendable individuals who have contributed to the development of Tampere and the well-being of its citizens or its attractiveness as the most popular city in Finland. The awards are handed out at a city reception on the actual Tampere Day on 1 October.

The story of Tampere and its new visual look

This year’s Tampere Day marks the implementation of the story of Tampere and its new visual look. They are based on extensive research in which citizens and stakeholders have taken part.

“The story of Tampere was born out of the city’s need for its own strong story and manner of storytelling. It will help us stand out within Finland as well as globally. The Tampere atmosphere and attitude uniting the entire city are summed up in the words and visuals," says Iina Ojala, Acting Director of Corporate and Communal Relations.

The City of Tampere will implement the story and visual look in its communications. The story, look and Tampere.Finland logo may also be used by all citizens. The logo and the story of Tampere will be unveiled to citizens in the Tampere magazine.

According to Ojala, the new design as a whole gives the companies and community of Tampere a common and interesting way of sharing stories about their hometown.

“For example, you can use the story and visual elements in marketing your own products and services. The goal is to highlight your Tampere roots."

To commemorate Tampere Day, Tampere.Finland bags in the city’s new design will be given out to the first one thousand visitors at Keskustori on Sunday, 30 September, at 11 a.m.

Further information

Questions about the events and activities:
Coordinator Marianne Luoma Tel. 040 706 2382

Questions about branding:
Manager, PR and Marketing Iina Ojala Tel. 040 801 6189