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EU-GUGLE pilot building in Tampere got an honorary award in the national local energy solution competition

Published 5.2.2018 11.18

A demonstration target Limited liability housing company Pohjolankatu 18-20 took part in Finnish national Local energy solution -competition in 2017 held by Lähienergialiitto. The housing company got an honorary award for its first of the kind two-way district heating system in residential buildings. There are 8 BEST pilot buildings involved in Tampere’s pilot district Tammela. The project is run by City of Tampere and VTT and limited liability housing companies involved in the project have got xx€ subsidies from EU for their energy refurbishments.

kuva: Pohjolankatu 18-20 kerrostalo

Since the beginning of the project in 2013 Pohjolankatu 18-20 has been one of the most eager housing company to implement new age technology solutions to their building. The chairperson of the board of the housing company Pertti Vesterinen has been driving renovation projects fearlessly forward and thus housing company had time to accomplish two renovation rounds during the EU-GUGLE project. Pohjolankatu 18-20 has introduced several energy efficient systems in their building. These systems include two-way district heating system, solar heat collectors and panels (PV), exhaust air and ground source heat pumps, waste water heat recovery, led lightning and novel automation and monitoring system. Housing company renewed also windows and doors to meet modern standards and air-conditioning units were installed to every apartment.

EU-GUGLE project is monitoring behavior and energy consumption of the systems installed until the project finishes in the end of the 2018. This far Pohjolankatu 18-20 has decreased their purchased energy 56 % and the pilots together 40% in Tampere.

EU-GUGLE stands for “European cities serving as Green Urban Gate towards Leadership in sustainable Energy" and is funded under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Innovation. It is coordinated by CENER, Spain’s National Centre for Renewable Energies.

Further information

Project Manager EU-GUGLE:
Ilari Rautanen Tel. 040 806 3252