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Tramway plans continue west of Pyynikintori square

Published 28.12.2017 9.58

On Monday, 18 December 2017, the City Board of Tampere decided to begin developing and planning Section 2 of the tramway from Pyynikintori to Lentävänniemi in western Tampere. It has been deemed necessary to hasten the detailed planning of the tramway route due to the progress of the construction work of the new Santalahti district, among other reasons. The land use planning of the Hietaranta district is also progressing.

Raitiotievaunu talvisella Hämeenkadulla, Kuva: Ari Järvelä, Tampereen kaupunki/Havainnekuva ja kuvankäsittely IDIS Design Oy.

In the implementation plan of the first section of the tramway, the development and planning phase of the second section from Pyynikintori to Lentävänniemi was estimated to take place in 2020–2021.

The planning of the second development phase will be assigned to the Tramway Alliance at a total price of EUR 2.9 million. The total price includes the planning of the branch line to Lielahti. The estimated cost of the plans is EUR 0.2 million. The target cost of the branch line will be estimated separately. The plan is to apply for state funding for 30 per cent of the costs of the planning included in the development of Section 2.

The objective of the development phase is to prepare an implementation plan and establish the binding target costs. These can then be used by the City Council to make a decision to build Section 2 either in parts or as a whole.

The construction to be started in the Santalahti area requires specific information on the tramway planned for the Rantatie street. Along with the Hiedanranta and Lielahti districts, one of the matters reviewed with respect to Section 2 of the tramway has been the general plan of its route from the Sepänkatu street to the Hiedanranta beach area.

Based on the experiences from Section 1 currently under construction, the length of permit and zoning processes may cause pressure to the scheduling and costs of the construction process. An early development phase can reduce the risk for Section 2.

The first tramway section in Tampere is currently being constructed from Pyynikintori to Hervanta and Tampere University Hospital, with the construction to be completed in 2021. The plan is to continue the construction work west of Pyynikintori towards the Lentävänniemi district during 2021–2024.

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