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The Mayor’s programme for 2017–2021 was approved

Published 28.6.2017 14.04

The Humane and attractive Tampere programme created by Mayor Lauri Lyly for 2017–2021 was presented in the City Council’s meeting on 19 June 2017. The first priority of the Mayor’s programme is to promote work and entrepreneurship in Tampere. According to the programme, they create the foundation for well-being and vitality in Tampere.

“Strengthening employment is the most central way of reaching a balance in the city’s finances. Only a healthy and balanced city economy will secure the availability of services. It is also a precondition for realising the service promises in the Mayor’s programme," the Mayor’s programme states.

During the City Council’s term of office, the city’s finances will be balanced, for instance, by strengthening the income base, developing the city’s own service production, complying with strict cost control and focusing on investments that create new work.

The objective is for Tampere to become a model city for technological development. This means solutions that improve the residents’ quality of life, efficiency of the city services and operations and the region’s competitiveness. Digitalisation can make everyday life easier, increase well-being and safety and create new business.

The transfer of social welfare and health services into regions emphasises the city’s role in education and vitality. The Mayor’s programme highlights the significance of a diverse education offering all the way from early childhood education to higher education, and the responsibility for promoting well-being, a good living environment, creating partnerships and supporting participation.

The council faction of the National Coalition Party, the Christian Democrats and the Swedish People's Party of Finland in Tampere is committed to the Mayor’s programme, as are the council factions of the Social Democrats in Tampere, the Greens in Tampere, the Left Alliance in Tampere, the Finns Party in Tampere, the Centre Party in Tampere and the Tampereen Puolesta (‘For Tampere’) council faction. This means the Mayor’s programme was accepted by all groups with the exception of the Vaihtoehto Tampere (‘Alternative Tampere’) council faction represented by Aarne Raevaara.

The service promises in the programme will be realised through the city’s strategy. The interim evaluation of the programme will be made halfway through the City Council’s term of office.