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Employee rights advisory for immigrants 1 and 6 June

Published 31.5.2017 14.23

You can meet representatives of Service Union United (PAM ry) on Thursday 1.6.2017 and on Tuesday 6.6.2017 from 10 am to 6 pm at the Migration Info Centre Offices (Tuomiokirkonkatu 12).

PAM will be giving advice to immigrants working in the services sector about their rights and obligations at work.

  • 1.6.2017 at 10 - 16: English, Russian, Thai, Chinese, Persian, Somali
  • 6.6.2017 at 10 - 16: English, Arabic, Kurdish, Estonian, Russian

Union staff cangive youadvice if you, for example:

  • Don’t understand your employment contract.
  • You want to know whether your wages are paid properly.
  • You have faced harassment or discrimination at work.
  • You want to know something else about your rights as a worker.

Service sector includes, for example: retail trade, property services, cleaningand restaurant and leisure services.

Further information: maahanmuutajainfo(at) or tel. 040 806 4229