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New council term begins in June

Published 19.4.2017 15.33

The new Tampere City Council will begin its term of office on 1 June 2017. The first meeting of the new City Council will convene on 12 June 2017 and elect, from among its members, the Chairs of the City Council, the Mayor, three Deputy Mayors and members of the City Board. In the same meeting, committee members will be appointed, apart from the Committee for Regional Public Transport, the members of which will not be elected until 19 June 2017. Furthermore, the Council will appoint the members of the Review Committee and the Central Election Committee.

In the City Council meeting to be held on 19 June 2017, the agenda will include the election of the Boards of Directors of the city’s municipal corporations, the Sara Hildén Art Museum, and the Pirkanmaa Rescue Service, the District Court lay members, the Real Estate Department trustees, and the Members of the Council of Pirkanmaa Hospital District.

There are seven committees in three service areas in the new operational model of the City of Tampere: in the Welfare service area, the Social Services and Health Care Committee and the Education and Culture Committee, in the service area of Vitality and Competitiveness, the Housing and Real Estate Committee and, in the Urban Environment and Infrastructure service area, the Committee for City Planning and Infrastructure Services, the Regional Waste Management Committee, and the Committee for Regional Public Transport. The three Deputy Mayors act as the Chairs of these committees. The City Board is chaired by the Mayor.

The Central Election Committee adopted the results of the municipal election on 12 April 2017. The new City Council is comprised of 67 members. The Social Democratic Party of Finland will have 16 seats, the National Coalition Party 15, and the Green Party 14. The Left Alliance will have seven councillors in the new City Council, whereas the Finns Party and the Centre Party of Finland will both have four seats. The Tampereen Puolesta registered association will have three councillors, the Christian Democrats two, the Swedish People's Party of Finland one, and the VaihtoehtoTampere movement one councillor.

A total of 25 new councillors were elected to the Tampere City Council. The average age of councillors is 47 years, and 43 per cent of the councillors are women.

A list of all the members of the City Council is available here:

Further information

Secretary of the Central Election Committee Juha Perämaa Tel. +358405039038