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The construction of the tramway starts on a number of sites

Published 5.4.2017 10.18

The construction of the first section of the tramway – from Hervanta to the city centre and TAYS – will start on several sites in Tampere in March. The construction work will take place in phases, each phase comprising one of the five sites or blocks: City centre, Kaleva, Hervannan valtaväylä, Hervanta and the Hervanta depot. The first phase in 2017 will cover Pirkankatu, the western section of Hämeenkatu, Itsenäisyydenkatu, Sammonaukio, Tekunkatu, Sammonkatu, the northern section of Hervannan valtaväylä, and the northern and southern sections of Insinöörinkatu.

The first part of the tramway includes 15 kilometres of two-track line from the city centre to Hervanta and TAYS and a depot in Hervanta. The construction of the first part will last for four years, and the aim is to open it for traffic in 2021.

The first tasks include setting up points of support for sites, fencing the sites and tree removal to make room for the line. This work will continue until late March or early April. Lines and pipes will also need to be removed. Most of the work will take place in the daytime, but some tasks are scheduled in the night in order to minimise traffic disruptions.

– The tramway is built one section at a time. After removing the lines and pipes, all the layers and elements required by the tramway – the slabs, rails and surface structures – are completed in one go. Electrical installations will take place at a later date. The tramway is built from sections that will be connected with each other during the construction process. In a way, this is like a giant jigsaw puzzle, says Mikko Nyhä, Project Manager at the Tramway Alliance.

The aim is to guarantee smooth, safe and reliable traffic during the construction and to minimise any disruptions to residents, companies and customers. Buses will be diverted to new routes and stops at the different construction phases, some temporarily and others permanently.

Several sites in the city centre

The work on Pirkankatu will start in April near Pyynikintori. The area between Sotkankatu and Mariankatu will undergo road construction and relining, and there will be changes to bus stops. New bus stops will be constructed in phases, and one of the two stops will be out of use while the work is in progress. Pirkankatu will be a two-way street during the construction of the tramway. At least one side of the road is always reserved for pedestrians.

Work will start on the western section of Hämeenkatu in early June, starting with the first city block in Hämeenpuisto and continuing towards Näsinlinnankatu. A construction site will be fenced off in the middle of the road, and all the work required by the tramway will be completed at once. The work includes moving lines and constructing the layers needed for the tramway, along with the track slabs and surface structures. The temporary traffic arrangements during the construction will be specified in the spring. Passenger traffic and parking will be limited in the area. The planning of new bus arrangements is still in progress, and passengers are advised to prepare for schedule changes while the work is in progress. Pedestrians and cyclists may use both sides of the road during the work. Shops and houses in the area will also remain accessible throughout the period. The junction between Hämeenkatu and Rautatienkatu will also be constructed later this year.

The construction on Itsenäisyydenkatu will start between Tammelan puistokatu and Kalevan puistotie in April and between Rautatienkatu and Tammelan puistokatu in June. The first tasks on Itsenäisyydenkatu will also be related to lines and pipes, and the main water will be removed from under the tramway. Lines will be moved between Tammelan puistokatu and Salhojankatu and road construction will take place between Salhojankatu and Kalevan puistotie.

Itsenäisyydenkatu will be open for vehicles from both directions during the construction, and the aim is to ensure uninterrupted bus services. We strive to keep both sides of the road accessible to pedestrians, but at least one side will always remain in use. All of the work will take place between the kerbstones, with the exception of stops.

The construction of a drainage water basin in the intersection of Hämeenkatu and Itsenäisyydenkatu will start in early April. The basin will be located under the current ground level in the Posteljooninpuisto park. The basin is constructed in order to prevent flooding and related traffic disruptions in the station tunnel after, for example, heavy rain or high-volume meltwater. Once the work starts in Posteljooninpuisto, access to the part will be limited. Municipal engineering work and line removals will also take place in the same area, near the kiosk, in mid-May. Municipal engineering work includes preparatory tasks for new traffic arrangements, such as paining lane markings and moving traffic signs. The actual construction of the tramway in the area is scheduled to start in June after the eastern section of Hämeenkatu has been closed from private traffic.

Many sites in Kaleva

In the Sammonaukio square area, the tramway construction is divided into four phases that will take place between 2017 and 2019. Sammonaukio connects the central block with the Kaleva block, and the line and pipework on Itsenäisyydenkatu, Sammonkatu and Teiskontie will all start from there. The work will begin in March–April in several parts of the intersection and involve traffic arrangements and the moving of lines. The construction will affect the driving lanes for buses and private cars, but the aim is to ensure normal bus services. Part of the pedestrian crossings need to be closed during some phases, and pedestrians and cyclists will be guided to use other routes instead.

The construction will also start on Sammonkatu at the turn of March and April. The work will involve several sites at once, when the lines and pipes under the frontage lane along the southern side of the road will be moved. The other tasks required by the tramway will mainly take place in the middle of the road. Sammonkatu will be a two-way street during the construction of the tramway, and the aim is to secure normal bus services. Pedestrian access to shops and facilities will be ensured on both sides of the street. The bicycle lane on the northern side will remain unaltered.

Line and pipework started on Tekunkatu on 6 March. This is a preparatory phase for the construction of a tramway bridge across Kekkosentie. Due to the construction, the driving speed is limited on Kekkosentie. The site is between the ABC service station and the Tampere University of Applied Sciences, near the current Teiskontie bridge. The actual bridge construction will start in April. The construction will also affect parking in the area.

Bridges and supporting walls constructed on Hervannan valtaväylä

This year, the construction on Hervannan valtaväylä will affect the northern section of the road in the Vuohenoja and Turtola districts. Earthworks and bridge construction have already started in the area. There will also be several supporting walls along the future tramway route. There are several bridges in the northern section of Hervannan valtaväylä, and these will be modified to meet the requirements of the tramway. Completely new bridges are also needed in the south. The construction of a supporting wall on Vuohenkuja and the extension of the Turtola underpass started in March. The foundation of the tramway between Vuohensillankatu and Turtola underpass will be constructed starting in April.

Because the surroundings of the tramway are less densely constructed near Hervannan valtaväylä, the construction will cause fewer changes to traffic arrangements. However, traffic to and from the site and construction work near the road will affect traffic arrangements to some extent. Changes to current traffic arrangements will also be needed in the intersections of Vuohensillankatu, Nekalantie and Pehkusuonkatu. The construction work will affect cyclist and pedestrians using Hervannan valtaväylä, and diversion routes will be provided for them. Bus services will remain unaltered in the area.

Work to start in Hervanta in April

In Hervanta, the tramway on Insinöörinkatu will be built form April onwards, starting in the north between Kanjoninkatu and Opiskelijankatu and between Teekkarinkatu and Atomipolku. Lines will be moved at the Kanjoninkatu intersection, and the road will be made wider. Water lines and drains need to be moved between Atomikatu and Teekkarinkatu.

Part of the preparatory work will start in March. During the construction, Insinöörinkatu will be partly closed from traffic, and buses will be diverted to alternative routes. The aim is to keep at least one side of the road accessible to pedestrians and cyclist at all times.

Hermiankatu will become a two-way street while work is in progress on Hermiankatu and Atomipolku. The construction will not affect buses, and pedestrians are always allowed to use at least one side of the road. The construction of the Hervanta depot is scheduled to start towards the end of the year, but the handling of the local detailed plan is still in progress.

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