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Metso main floor closed 2 May–9 July 2017

Published 31.3.2017 15.58

Main library Metso’s main floor will be closed from May Day to early July because of renovation work. Children and youth’s department will be closed almost in its entirety starting from Easter.

Näkymä kirjasalista

The main floor of the main library Metso will be closed for approximately two months as the renovation of the building moves on to the book hall and children and youth’s department. While the main floor is closed, the music department and the reading room on the balcony floor will be open as usual. Also the lecture rooms, working spaces and the microfilm room on the ground floor as well as the working space with customer computers on the main floor’s Pirkankatu side are available for customers to use. In May, Café Metso will be open on weekdays at 10:00–15:30 and on Saturdays at 10:00–16:00. The café will be closed from the beginning of June until the re-opening of the main floor.

In May–July, the customer service will temporarily operate in the lobby on the ground floor. You can return books as usual and pick up reserved books and printed documents from the ground floor. There will be a small selection of returned books for adults and children and Vippi books available for borrowing. Music and periodical collections are available as usual on the balcony floor.

Extended borrowing periods

Because the library’s main floor is closed, all books borrowed from Metso will receive an extended borrowing period. As of 30 March, the due dates will be scaled and pushed forward to after the re-opening of the main floor, which means the due dates will be between 17–30 July. Only the borrowing time for Vippi books will remain the same—seven days.

The main entrance will be closed during the renovation, and the main library can be accessed through the Hämeenpuisto side, from the old Moominvalley doors. From the ground floor, you can access the working space on the main floor by elevator and the balcony floor by elevator or the stairs. The returns hatch will be transferred back to its own place on the Mustalahdenkatu side in April.

Children’s department closed from Easter

The services of the children and youth’s department will mostly be out of use starting from Easter. The removal of material and furniture in the department will begin in the week starting on 10 April.
The renovation of main library Metso will be completed in the autumn. The new customer premises on the ground and balcony floors are for the most part completed and the remaining renovation work is mostly taking place in personnel premises. The re-opening of Metso will be celebrated in November 2017.