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The extension of Hatanpää Hospital is complete – the main entrance moved back to its old location

Published 7.2.2017 9.49

The renovation and extension of Hatanpää Hospital in Tampere are now complete. The project involved renewing the main entrance and lobby of the main hospital, as well as the special outpatient clinic, surgical ward and recovery room. New operating rooms and gastroenterology viewing rooms for the special outpatient clinic were also built in the extension.

Valokuva: Hatanpään sairaalan pääovi
The main entrance moved to its old location.

The new premises opened on Monday 6 February 2017. The main entrance moved to its old location on the same day, and the temporary entrance that faced Hatanpäänkatu will be closed.

A new, covered access for ambulances and stretchers opened below the main entrance. The aim of having a separate entrance for emergency vehicles is to make the main lobby less congested.

The service bus and taxi stops moved near the main entrance.

Valokuva: Hatanpään sairaalan pääaula
The entire main lobby was renovated in the project.

The entire main lobby was renovated in the project. There are registration machines in the lobby for patients. Advice and guidance are available from the service advisers and officers in the lobby. There is also a cafeteria and an ITE self-care point in the lobby, allowing patients to measure, for example, their blood pressure, as well as a Lähde information point with health, disease, care and research-related information and instructions on preparation before and recovery after surgery.

The new premises of the special outpatient clinic house a medication infusion/observation room and the gastroenterology viewing rooms, along with the reception rooms. The gastroenterology centre started operating in early 2016, and it treats gastroenterological disease and performs, for example, viewing operations.

All patients coming to Hatanpää for surgery, including same-day surgery, are admitted in the new reception area on the second floor. The reception area is located near two recovery rooms, a monitoring centre and six operating rooms that are housed in the extension and equipped with the latest technology. The operating rooms have been in use since the autumn. There are also three operating rooms in the outpatient surgery building.

Preoperative patient visits are still managed by the nearby Leiko24 department.

Valokuva: Hatanpään sairaalan tarkkailuhuone
Nurse Päivi von Dickoff and assistant head nurse Eija Hokajärvi prepared new observation room.

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