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The winners of the idea competition for the new district of Tampere were Hiedanrannan Innovaatiolahti and Reflecting TRE

Published 12.1.2017 16.59

The winning proposals of the international idea competition of Hiedanranta in Tampere are Hiedanrannan Innovaatiolahti and Reflecting TRE. The jury decided to award two second prizes for proposals that best fulfilled the goals set for the competition.

Kuva:  Hiedanrannan kansainvälisen ideakilpailun voittajatöiden esittely

The future Hiedanranta district includes a section of the waterfront of Lake Näsijärvi and the old pulp mill area. The competition area also covered part of Lielahti. The location of the competition area between Lielahti and the centre of Tampere means that Hiedanranta can be developed into a significant lakeside district that unites western Tampere and the city centre. The aim is to have about 20,000 - 25,000 inhabitants and some 10,000 jobs in the new district.

According to the jury, it is possible to construct a fine, functioning whole on the basis of the best proposals, combining the most prominent merits of the best two proposals. The proposal Reflecting TRE has succeed in presenting the location and organisation of the centre of Hiedanranta in the best and most flexible way. The proposal Hiedanrannan Innovaatiolahti offers the best prospects for creating an effective, urban-like structure in the southern shore area of Lake Näsijärvi.

- The Hiedanranta district will be the size of Hervanta and become the centre of western Tampere. With the idea competition, we sought future models for a smart, sustainable district where everyday life is fluent and the environment has an urban character. Yet nature and services are still within easy reach. The winning proposals have succeeded superbly in this and provide a fine basis for developing Hiedanranta. Another delightful aspect in the two winning proposals is that through them we receive both international architectural expertise and fresh insights of new-generation architects for developing the area, says Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, Mayor of Tampere and chairwoman of the jury.

The jury proposes that the centre area be developed by the authors of Reflecting TRE and that the southern shore area of Lake Näsijärvi by the authors of Hiedanrannan Innovaatiolahti. Planning the area can be started early this year.

The Hiedanranta idea competition was intended to produce a future district with a dense, flexible urban structure complete with green and low-carbon qualities. The entries were also required to meet regional sustainability requirements. A significant part of the competition assignment was specifying how the new district will be made into an attractive residential, workplace and service area.

Authors of the winning proposals

The name envelopes were only opened after the winners were chosen. The authors of the winning proposals were the following working groups: Hiedanrannan Innovaatiolahti: Mandaworks AB, Schauman & Nordgren Architects Oy Ab, Copenhagen, Denmark / Stockholm, Sweden 2. and Reflecting TRE proposal: Arkkitehtuurityöhuone BUENAVENTURA, Tampere, Finland. Both the proposals received a prize of EUR 80,000.

Prizes were also awarded to the proposal FRENCH LINE, the authors of which were HELT Arkkitehdit Oy, Helsinki and that placed third with a prize of EUR 30,000, and to two proposals - Hiedanranta Watermarks and Tampere Bay City - that were redeemed with EUR 15,000. An honorary mention was issued for three proposals: Hybrid City, C-duuri and There’s a New Town in the City.

A total of 39 working groups participated in the competition, many of them international. To support the work of the jury, the City of Tampere had expert assessments made about the various rating criteria and viewpoints.

The competition proposals were presented to the public and could be commented on in the web and during a two-day exhibition. Public feedback was gathered for use by the jury. The proposal Reflecting TRE was praised especially for the tramway running through the plant and its unique use of urban space. The proposal Hiedanrannan Innovaatiolahti was considered modern and clear in much of the feedback received from the public. A total of 185 feedback messages were received.

Planning Hiedanranta continues

The planning of the new Hiedanranta district will continue together with the two winners of the competition. The aim is to prepare a general plan for the whole area in 2017 - 2018. The general plan will combine the best qualities of both the winning proposals and utilise ideas from other awarded competition proposals.

Planning will take place in close interaction with customers and companies. The idea planning competition did not generate fully complete solutions, but rather serves as a good starting point for further planning and interaction. According to the jury, the goals set for the competition were achieved superbly, thanks to the solutions and ideas included in the proposals.

The jury suggests that the Hiedanranta centre area be developed based on the solution of the proposal Reflecting TRE. The area will mainly be developed as a centre-like, pedestrian-oriented city in which most of the services are located. The centre will continue to be developed with an emphasis on its lakeside character.

The lake town area will be developed on the basis of the proposal Hiedanrannan Innovaatiolahti. The jury recommends that the channel area be examined and diversified and suggests that the mouth of the log floating tunnel be taken into consideration when developing the solution. In developing the area, attention will be based on, among other things, economic aspects, building the tramway and the traffic of Paasikiventie.

The jury recommends that Lielahti and its centre area be investigated with a view to linking their connections and functions to the centre of Hiedanranta.

Exhibition of the best idea competition proposals

Proposals that were awarded or received an honorary mention in the idea competition will be displayed at Lielahti Manor in Hiedanranta as of Wednesday 11 January. The exhibition is free of charge. Other proposals submitted for the competition are also on display.

Architect Tuomas Seppänen, a jury member appointed by the Finnish Association of Architects, will lead guided tours of the exhibition on Wednesday 11 and 18 January. He will present the awarded proposals and talk about their selection criteria and the work of the jury.

In addition, events will be arranged at Hiedanranta in spring to gather the views of the public and stakeholders for the further planning of the area. In addition, a citizens’ jury will be established. The jury will be open to everybody and offer the chance to assess and develop proposals around different themes together with designers and the authors of the winning proposals.

The exhibition of the best proposals in the Hiedanranta idea competition will be open at the Lielahti Manor (address Lielahdenkatu 10) Wed - Fri 11 - 13 January at 12 noon - 6 p.m., Sat 14 January at 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Wed 18 January and 25 January at 12 noon - 6 p.m. and Sat 21 January and 28 January at 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Public guided tours lead by architect Tuomas Seppänen will be arranged on Wednesday 11 January and 18 January at 5 p.m.

Further information

Director of City Planning Taru Hurme Tel. +358408062601

Project Development Director Reijo Väliharju Tel. +358503880901