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Young Artist of the Year Reima Nevalainen at Tampere Art Museum

Published 11.7.2016 15.37

Reima Nevalainen (born 1984 in Espoo, Finland) is the 32nd recipient of the Young Artist of the Year award. His award exhibition is presented in Tampere Art Museum until 11th September 2016. Nevalainen's work is based on drawing and painting with a limited colour scale. Along with paintings, the exhibition features drawings and photographs from his stay in Japan.


Reima Nevalainen’s way of painting is one of study and thought. The levels that he finds are assembled into a convincing, controlled and universal manner of representation. Interestingly, the artist himself says that he is not interested in human personality and that he does not want to tell stories – at a time when narratives are to be found everywhere

“For me, a painting is a space where we can be simultaneously alive and dead. It is a time that does not yet have, or no longer has, meanings, concepts, words or habits. I regard this void to be the fundamental layer underlying everything. I want to dig it out with my images and direct attention to the intrinsic value of existence, to be found at all times beneath everything, underlying words and the meanings of life."

Nevalainen's works are laden with such feeling that in his article in the exhibition catalogue art critic Veijo Halmetoja even compares Nevalainen’s paintings to old South and Central European art, and 17th-century Baroque artworks in particular. Samuli Heinonen, himself Young Artist of the Year in 2008 and Nevalainen’s former teacher, describes the young artist’s paintings as works of masterly excellence and praises his sense of drama.

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Photos Jari Kuusenaho / Tampere Art Museum