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Hospital operations move from Kauppi to Rauhaniemi

Published 23.2.2016 14.43

All hospital operations will gradually end at the Kauppi hospital. Hospital services for senior citizens will move from Kauppi to the Koukkuniemi unit of the Rauhaniemi hospital during the spring. In May, a nursing home for 90 clients will open on Pohjolankatu, welcoming many of the senior citizens who were waiting for admission to service housing with around-the-clock assistance at the hospital.


The Kauppi premises will no longer be used for hospital operations on the basis of a decision made by the planning committee of the City Board on 12 August 2013. According to the decision, the hospital care for the elderly and the geriatric polyclinic will both move to Hatanpää, which will guarantee smoother services and end unnecessary patient transfers between care facilities. The Koukkuniemi unit of the Rauhaniemi hospital will be used for hospital operations until the extension of the Hatanpää hospital will be completed in a few years. The city is also developing the services provided at the clients’ homes, such as at-home rehabilitation and physicians’ services in home care, and increasing the amount of service housing with around-the-clock assistance.

The Kauppi hospital provides care for senior citizens who need hospital care. At the moment, there are approximately 100 patients in the Kauppi hospital. The patients who need hospital care will move to the Rauhaniemi hospital in the spring. Upon discharge, some of the patients will return home as normal, while others will remain at the hospital and wait for admission to around-the-clock care, such as service housing with around-the-clock assistance.

The city’s social workers will contact the patients waiting for admission to around-the-clock care and their family members and discuss the move to the new group homes on Pohjolankatu or to other housing units with them.

After the relocation of the hospital operations, the Kauppi premises will be used as a reception centre for asylum seekers. Empty wards that are no longer used for hospital operations have been used for the emergency accommodation of asylum seekers since last autumn.

Further information

Kauppi and Rauhaniemi Hospital:
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