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New public transport timetables in effect on Monday 2 June

Published 30.5.2014 15.03

New public transport timetables will take effect in Tampere on Monday 2 June 2014. The service season is shorter than usual, 2–29 June. Public transport will become regional on 30 June 2014, at which time new timetables, routes and line numbers will take effect. This change will be communicated separately.

In June, the routes of the winter season 2013–2014 will still be in effect. Service will decrease to correspond to demand. There will be no service on lines Y17, Y21, Y33, Y35, 38 and 39 in June. Line 36 will only be in service between Keskustori and Myllypuro. Line 26 will serve Multisilta.

The summer timetable book will be distributed to every home in Tampere, Ylöjärvi, Kangasala, Nokia, Lempäälä, Pirkkala, Vesilahti and Orivesi. The book includes both timetable seasons. Additional copies of the book may be purchased from the public transport customer service at the price of €0.50. No free copies are distributed this summer due to the comprehensive distribution.

Both summer timetable seasons are available on the website of Tampere Public Transport, section timetables. It is possible to select either the current timetable season, the season starting on 2 June or the season starting on 30 June from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.

Text Anna-Maria Jaakkola