Specialised youth work

Kaksi ihmistä istuu kahvikupit kädessä vastakkain.

Having a difficult situation? The youth services’ counsellors working with specialised youth work will help you when life isn’t going like it should. With us, you can discuss the following issues, to name a few: 
•    Friendships
•    Loneliness 
•    Leisure activities
•    School
•    Intoxicants
There’s no topic that we can’t discuss together. We will also help find the right parties to help if our expertise is not sufficient. 

Individual guidance 

The purpose of specialised youth work is to support young people in various problems related to life. The work always starts from the needs of the young person and may focus on, for example, strengthening relationships, reducing the use of intoxicants or supporting the young person’s life management. The employees can be contacted by the young person themselves, their guardians or collaboration partners. 

Mobile youth work

Mobile youth work is a way of encountering, supporting and guiding young people in public and semi-public spaces. In-the-field special youth workers meet young people at shopping centres, libraries, streets and parks, in the young people’s own area and on their own terms. The aim is to create a safe adult contact for young people. 


Youth workers reach out to young people in places where they spend their free time.  You can reach us at Snapchatin and Instagram.

Network cooperation

Specialised youth work involves multiprofessional cooperation with various actors, such as the congregation, youth sector organisations, schools, the police and the social and health care sector. The aim of network work is to support young people comprehensively in different areas of life. Specialised youth work is involved in Tampere’s RiSu crime prevention effort, which is a multiprofessional approach to offenders under the age of 18. Cooperation is also carried out through activities, such as ART groups, which are led together with social services and the church. If necessary, we also guide targeted small groups. 

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Updated 10.2.2023