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Nuorten Tampereen Discord

The Tampere Youth Discord server is like a digital youth centre. You can come to Discord to spend time, play games, chat or just hang around.

The Discord server is operated by two full-time staff members, who are joined by other youth workers on a weekly basis.

The server is open from Wednesday to Friday from 15-21. During the summer the server is open from 12-18.

Nuorten Tampere -Discord



The Pelifarmi organises digital gaming activities and related phenomena around the city. Pelifarmi’s headquarter is the Rantaperkiö youth centre, and there is a smaller gaming room in Piilo, Lielahti. Rantaperkiö’s activities are aimed at people aged 13 to 28, and Piilo’s activities are open to those aged 13 to 17. 

Pelifarmi is committed to promoting equality in gaming culture in all ways. We welcome all young people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, family background or gaming skills. 

You can try e-sports as a hobby, get support for game streaming, take part in tournaments and LAN events, or just relax in good, like-minded company after a rough school day. Board games and role playing are also organised in the Rantaperkiö game room. A Pelifarmi Lounge workshop is available for people aged 18 or over, where young adults develop and create games. The groups of Pelifarmi Lounge are implemented as work trials or rehabilitative work activities. 

The E-sports groups can be joined every six months, and the groups always operate during the autumn and spring seasons. The application periods are August and January. Among other things, the exercises deal with developing communication skills, strengthening life management skills, and roles and strategies related to games. The exercises also have physical activity that strengthens and maintains players’ basic physical condition. 
The youth services teams compete mainly in the Pirkanmaa region, but if you have skills and enthusiasm, you can use the activities as a stepping stone to international competition, for example by applying for sports clubs teams in the future. 

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Youth Leader
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Discord Youth Leader
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Discord Youth Leader
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Youth Leader
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Updated 3.5.2023