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Employment through purchases

Tampere makes responsible purchases – the employment condition encourages employers to recruit

The City of Tampere wants to advance the employment of unemployed job seekers through public purchases. The city is therefore committed to including an employment condition in their purchases.

When the city purchases contractual work or services, the contracts include an employment condition, which obligates the contract partner to employ unemployed job seekers for whom becoming employed might otherwise be challenging. These are for instance young people, unemployed immigrants, the long-term unemployed and those only partially able to work.

For employers, the realisation of this employment condition entails a flexible recruitment channel and the possibility to be prepared for future labour needs. The employment condition is also a way for employers to fulfill their societal duties.

We offer help in drafting a realisation plan for the employment condition, finding suitable workers as well as with applying for financial support, such as wage subsidy and recruitment benefit.

Laura Ojanen
Minna Joutsen
040 806 3613
Updated 19.3.2024