Renovation and extension of the Central Office Building

White building with big windows.
The renovation and extension of the Tampere City Central Office Building will begin in spring 2023, and the construction work will be completed in summer 2026. The part of the Central Office Building that is on the Puutarhakatu side will be demolished, and a new five-storey extension will be built in its place. The property on the Aleksis Kiven katu side will be renovated.

The service point, the restaurant and the exhibition space will be moved to the ground floor. The ground floor will be opened up for residents to use. The meeting and training centre on the second floor will also be accessible from the ground floor. The council hall will remain on the fifth floor.

The Central Office Building is a building with historical significance, and it has been designated as protected in the zoning plan. Health and safety in all parts of the building, responsibility and sustainable development have been the main objectives during the planning process.

Accessible and clear routes have been noted in the construction plan. The systems and equipment selected for use in the building will be as energy efficient as possible. The facilities will be built as multi-purpose and modifiable so that they can be adjusted where necessary in the future.

Tampereen Tilapalvelut is the developer of the project, and YIT Suomi Oy is the project management contractor.

The working environment and operating culture of the Central Office Building will be updated during construction

The project to develop the working environment of the Central Office Building and the Frenckell building will be carried out between 30 January 2023 and 31 December 2026. The working environment and operating culture of the new office building will be updated during the project to meet future needs.

The new office building will serve as an office for approximately 900 employees. Thanks to the combination of remote and on-site work in use, it will be possible for the office building to have workstations for 62 per cent of the people working there.

Project activity during the temporary move to the Frenckell building will aim to support work and gather experiences. The goal of the project is to successfully develop the working environment in a way that the new office building and its culture support success and well-being at work Another objective is to create financial savings. 

More information

Petri Saarinen
Project Manager
040 767 1981
Sami Ylipihlaja
Manager of well-being at work
040 530 9026

Conceptual drawing: KVA Architects Ltd

Updated 25.4.2023