Tampere Anti-Racism Week

The city of Tampere's anti-racist work especially the anti-racism week covers all service areas and invites partners to participate.

The 2024 theme "Tackling racism" reached hundreds of municipal residents of different ages at the events, and our message was seen.

We thank you for your broad participation, dedication, and interest. Next year again!

The main visual element of the campaign is the "speech bubble". The speech bubble format consists of the main message written in different languages. There is no room for racism in our words, thoughts and minds. There is no room for racism in Tampere.
Mayor Kalervo Kummola.
Kalervo Kummola - The Mayor of the City of Tampere

Let's tackle racism together

Every year in March, we come together during Anti-Racism Week to work against racism. Opposing racism is everyone's responsibility and should be done every day of the year.

Everyone has the right to be treated as an individual. The week of March 18-24, 2024 will mark Anti-Racism Week and will focus on combatting racism.

- The work against racism is the responsibility of all of us. Tampere's strength lies in diversity and community. We are strong when we respect each other and see diversity as wealth, says Mayor Tampere Kalervo Kummola.

Citizenship, ethnicity, religion, skin colour, or any other factors should not determine how a person is treated and the opportunities they receive in society.

The City of Tampere, along with its partners, organizes diverse events throughout the city during Anti-Racism Week.

Events during anti-racism week

See here for the nearest upcoming events. Events will open in the Tampere events calendar. The City of Tampere is not responsible for events organised by other event organisers.