Esin Guldogan, Turkey

I am Esin, and I came to Tampere in 2001 to study. I graduated with PhD degree from Signal processing Department, Tampere University of Technology in 2009.

Choose the lifestyle that suits you

I build my life and my family here, and I have learned many things over these years about Finnish culture. I am mother of two amazing children, who were born and are currently studying in Tampere.

Due to our career steps, there was many cross-roads for our family when moving to another city and another country over the years. It was a big decision for us, which would define our life quality, children’s education and culture; thus we decided to go analytically and list the advantages and disadvantages of Tampere and other cities/countries. Yes we are engineers and we like numbers 🙂

Of course every place has its own advantages thus listing made us realize that we prioritize some features over others that defines our life. This moment made us to recognize our preferences for life as well as appreciate the life that Tampere enables for us. We prioritized safety, education, ease of life and times (meaning that no traffic, provided services etc.) for our family.

Tampere can provide many sport facilities and have amazing nature around, as my family like outdoor activities. There are various national parks and hiking routes for hiking trips and tenting. Tampere provides many choices for hobbies as well. My kids can get basic music education and instrument classes from Tampere Conservatoire. I have been attending many handcraft courses given by Tampere city. There are various outdoor sport companies to fulfill all your needs. Recent example being that I was able to get my PADI open water diver certificate in Tampere, and I am able to practice in closeby lakes.

I am Imaging expert and proud member of the Tampere Imaging Ecosystem, which is a successful business ecosystem that stimulates R&D activities of products, services and solutions related to digital imaging. This Ecosystem attracts companies of all sizes and it is currently in top-5 in the world. The members are from large multinational companies and smaller specialists. What all companies have in common is that they are innovators in imaging, developing technologies. Thus I have a great opportunity work with the latest and emerging technologies/products in such environment with leading companies and expert colleagues.

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