Tips for improving your fitness


This section provides instructions and tips for maintaining and improving your fitness and health and for mental recreation. You can use these movements as individual exercises, parts of a daily exercise routine or in connection with other types of training.

Recommendation for health-enhancing exercise

See the exercise pie chart prepared by the UKK Institute for recommendations concerning health-enhancing exercise.

Exercise ball workout

An exercise ball is a versatile piece of equipment that is suitable for home workouts. Workouts with the ball improve your muscular fitness and coordination, increase your mobility and help you relax.

Exercise stick workout

You can complete a stick workout either sitting on a chair in a good posture, or standing with your feet slightly apart.

Hand weight workout

Muscular strength training with light hand weights improves blood circulation in the shoulder area.

Lighter steps

A home workout for improving your strength and balance.

Walking for health and wellbeing in old age

Being able to walk at least 500 metres without stopping is one of the indicators for an older person’s good functional capacity. ‘Rollator routes’ have been measured out in the vicinity of eleven sheltered housing units, service centres, institutions, nursing homes or senior centres, the lengths of which range from a few hundred metres to a kilometre. These routes have been measured from door to door, and they are accessible.

They were measured out as part of a national project titled ‘Strength in Old Age - a Health-enhancing Exercise Programme for Older People’  administered by Nääsville association in Tampere.

Read the introduction at the bottom of this page and check the attachments below for routes specific to each building. Print out a 15-week walking diary for yourself, your family member or a friend, and off you go! Try to walk every day. In bad weather, go up and down stairs or do laps of your home!

Nordic walking

Nordic walking is a versatile type of endurance exercise. Nordic walking two to five times a week for 20 to 60 minutes at a time will improve your endurance.

Balance exercises at home

You can use easy basic exercises to improve and maintain the balance you need in daily activities. The daily balance exercise programme was produced in cooperation by the City of Tampere and Nääsville association.

Updated 19.10.2023